Monday, September 11, 2006

Beginning of the End

Well you can tell school has started since I haven't posted since the end of August. I just started my third week of my last year of law school. Barring any unforeseen difficulties I will graduate at the end of April 2007. Woohoo. I'll try to update this occassionally even though I should be doing homework instead.

Will is walking all over now. When he walks he either has to hold his left arm up like he is holding a torch or pull up his shirt and stick his right pointer finger in his belly button. Once in a while he does both at the same time. He reminds me of Dumbo who can only fly when he holds his magic feather.

We took Will to the Utah State Fair on Saturday with my mom. He got to pet a goat (and then he kicked it...which is when we stopped petting the goat), eat fried dough, do farm chores which earned him a fake dollar with which he bought a little box of cereal (okay Grandma mostly did the chores), play "Pick a Duck" in which for only $2 he got to choose a rubber ducky from a tub which he then traded for a small stuffed duck, sit in a tractor, and otherwise have about all the fun a 13 month-old can have in one day. Unfortunately, a storm blew in and it got really windy and cold so we left earlier than we might have otherwise.

Will tried to climb up the stairs backwards today. He backed up to the bottom stair and put his legs up on it one by one. Then he tried to push himself up the stairs with his arms. I guess just climbing up the stairs was getting too boring.

Will has 3 teeth now! Two on bottom and one on the top left. The 2 bottom ones broke through over a period of about a month and a half (same thing with the top one about a month after the bottom ones) so I don't really have an exact date for when he cut his first tooth...or second...or third.

That is about all the news from the land of Will. He is currently watching his Baby Beethoven movie which will hopefully calm him down enough to go to sleep.

1. Will with Grandma Dickerson and Great-grandma Hurst. 2. Will's first lollipop . . . he ate the whole thing. 3. Will helping himself to Doritos from the pantry. 4. Gangsta Will sagging his pants. 5. Prince William.