Monday, August 17, 2009

The Short List

of the latest from the kids.

We told Will to make a wish when he blew out his birthday candles. He didn't know he wasn't supposed to say it out loud so he announced "I wish everybody in the whole world....(long pause)... could come to my birthday party!" And we almost thought he was gonna go for world peace.

Will: "I don't care if you throw my Star Wars cards in the garbage! I will just get them back when I listen and obey."

(Obviously, Mom did not have the heart to actually throw them in the garbage the last time this threat was made and he eventually got them back. This time they have been "in the garbage"...aka..above the fridge...for about 3 weeks.)

Will: "You are really old."
Me: "Oh? How old am I Will?"
Will: "You're not a number, you're just an old mom."

Yesterday - Will: "You are a pretty Mommy. You look so pretty. And Daddy and Sawyer are so handsome!"
(He makes up for himself occasionally.)

Will: (looking at a truck towing some kind of air compressor thing with a large gas tank) "What is that?"
Me: "I don't know Will."
Will: "Hmmm...(shrugs shoulders)...guess maybe a time machine or something."

Will: "I could eat this cheese All DAY LONG."

Will: "Look at that cloud! It looks like a castle. Maybe that is where the angles live!...uhh...angels."

Will: (after staring at a little girl in WalMart) "That little girl is yelling at her mom. (Sigh) Yelling at her mom isn't going to get her what she wants!"

(No worries, he spent the next half hour screaming at me about the various things he wanted. I pointed out that he was doing the same thing the little girl did and he screamed "NO!" and then looked confused.)

Will's bedtime prayer 2 nights ago: "Thank you for this day and all the kids in Primary and all the kids in baseball. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Sawyer. Thank you that when I grow up I can go to the temple and get sealed to Sophs."

(In brief, sealing is a name for the marriage ceremony in my religion and Will is confident that Sophs is the only girl for him. The last time he brought it up I told him he could marry whomever he wants...his jaw dropped and he stared at me and said "But Mom! What if you don't know her!)

Me: "Sawyer, you need to run upstairs and get your teeth brushed."
Sawyer: "No. Don't want to."

(Excuuuse me?! This was the first appearance of the "don't want to" phrase. Now I hear it frequently. "Sawyer, take your yogurt into the kitchen." "Don't want to!")

Sawyer: "Ice cream party! Iiiiicccceeee crreeeeeaaaammm ppppaaarrrrtttyyy!"
(He says this all the time. I'm not sure if he is reliving a good memory...or demanding ice cream. He especially says it at bedtime.)

Sawyer: "Happy Birthday To Yeeeewww!"
(Will told Sawyer it was Sawyer's birthday on 3 different days last week, so Sawyer kept singing to himself.)

Me: "Sawyer, can you put the monkey on the chair? We can't take the monkey to church."
Sawyer: (while scowling at me) "Baby take monkey church!"

Sawyer refers to himself as "Baby" which I find rather amusing. If you ask him the name of any of his stuffed animals he says each of them is named "Sawyer."

Sawyer: "Ready Will?!"
(Sawyer says this every time he rolls, throws, or kicks anything. I think it stemmed from us playing catch with Will and preceding each throw by saying "Ready, Will?" Sawyer seems to think it is the appropriate thing to say before throwing something regardless of whether Will is around or involved.)

And just to prove that there is a big difference between 4 and 3:
Yesterday Will went up to his room and shut the door. All was quiet for a minute and then he stuck his head out and said "Uh. If you need to come in my room, knock first...okay?" Then he shut the door and all was quiet for about 5 more minutes. Finally I decided I better go see what he was doing. I knocked on his door and opened it and he was just putting his last book away on his bookshelf. I said "What are you up to Will?" and he said "Oh. I was just cleaning my room." And he really had cleaned up all his things in his 4 year-old style...which is mostly stuffing things in drawers and on shelves, but he really tried! Sigh.

Also, I have no idea where he got the "If you need to come in, knock first" thing. He tells me this frequently and I have never told him that. And he has no problem barging into my room.

Will: "Mooommm! Sawyer pooped in his bed and down his leg!"
2 Seconds Ago.

Crap (literally). Better go.