Saturday, April 12, 2008

MIracle of Miracles!

I was doing my morning internet routine and happened to click here: - My applicant ID is 18303 which means that I passed the Bar! Yay! They told us the results wouldn't be out until May, but I heard they were sometimes up earlier than that so I checked yesterday but there was nothing there and I checked this morning and there it was. I am so relieved! I do feel bad for the girl sitting next to me who was taking it for her second time...who it would appear will get to enjoy taking it yet another time. Too bad I can't even think of anything cool to do to celebrate. Maybe I should go to Salt Lake and audition for Deal or No Deal...

A new Will quote: last Sunday we had guests over and Will wouldn't keep his finger out of his nose. I pinned him down and wiped his nose which led to a sobbing outcry of, "Mommy! I WANT MY BOOGERS BACK IN MY NOSE!!" Ewww.

Bryce bought a new hat and put it on backwards when he got home from the store. Will was sitting at the table and turned around and looked at Bryce and said "Daddy, are you like a gangster?"

I cleaned up the whole downstairs the other night after the boys went to bed. When Will got up in the morning he came downstairs, looked around, and said "What is with this clean house time? Who is coming to see us?" So clearly we only clean or put on clothes if people are coming over. (See a previous post for the clothes part).

I'll probably supplement this post later, but that is all for now.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here Comes the Bride...Pics for Mom

I guess I can re-publish this post now that the wedding is over and everyone has seen the dress. I can't get the sideways pictures to rotate...even when I rotate them outside of blogger, save them as new files, and then upload them they still turn out sideways. I've never had that problem before so I don't know what the deal is.

Here are pictures of Megan in the dress. I don't know if she wants everyone seeing the dress so these may be deleted after you look at them (if anyone else happens to randomly check my blog and then these disappear that will be why). You can right click on each one and save it to your own computer though.