Thursday, June 09, 2011

My kids are 'special'


While riding in the car the other day...
Will: Mom? You know what I wish?
Me: What Will?
Will: I wish that Ronald McDonald were real and that I could fly.

On Sunday I was in the shower and Bryce was sleeping in. Apparently someone came to the door while we were thus occupied. I asked Will who it was and he said it was two guys. He said one was older and one was more like a kid. Several minutes later he walked up to me and said "Uhhh Mom? Actually I think they were children of men." Ummmm....ok?

We took the boys to the zoo a few weekends ago. It was free military day and the first Saturday without rain in oh, maybe 6 months or so, so it was insanely busy. At one point we saw a kid on a leash. Will was very interested in it. Later on in the day he told me "Mom? If you want to get me one of those leash things that would be ok I guess." I thought it was funny because his tone indicated that he kind of wanted one but didn't want to admit it - why he would want to be on a leash I don't know - but it has certainly crossed my mind before that he ought to be on one.


The other day we actually had some not terrible weather. The boys spent most of the day outside playing. Later in the afternoon we had to go somewhere and I needed Sawyer to put on clean clothes. I went to pull down his pants and he grabbed the waistband of his underwear and said "Don't pull down my underwear!" with a suspicious amount of panic in his voice. I said "Sawyer? Is there something in your underwear?" He said "Nooo." I said "Let's see" which point he reached in and removed 12 jumbo paperclips he had been hauling around in there. Then we had a 5 minute fight about why he couldn't put them back in. He finally agreed to leave them on his bookshelf "for later."

Three minutes ago Sawyer walked into the office and said "Mom? Can I have that pair of scissors?" He was holding a notebook. I said "Why Sawyer? Are you going to cut that paper up into little tiny pieces and make a big mess?" (Not that he's ever done that before.) He said "No. I just want to make a project." I handed him the scissors and with a huge grin he whispered "Haha! I'm sneaky!" I said "What did you say?" and he said "I'm so tricky!" I said "What are you going to do Sawyer?" and he replied "Make a mess!" and ran out of the room.

He's a tricky one all right.

While I was in the shower this morning he took a container of blueberries - purchased last night - out of the fridge, dumped them on the kitchen floor, and then stepped on each and every one.