Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If only he weren't so serious all the time...

Will does such random things during the day. He sure knows how to drive me crazy...but then every once in a while he does something so hilarious that it just cracks me up. His favorite form of contraband is Q-tips. Whenever I forget to shut the door he sneaks into my bathroom, finds the box of Q-tips, and takes off to hide. Of course, he hides in the same place every time-- behind the rocking chair in his room.

Will is getting to the point where he has to do everything himself- except for the small problem that he is too small to do most things for himself. All day long I hear "Will do it! Will do it!" He had to pick out his own clothes the other day and out of all the clean clothes I had just folded and put in his laundry basket he chose the wife-beater (I don't know what else to call it...sleeveless tee?) that says "I'm the star" and came free with a pack of onesies that he outgrew a long time ago. He spent about 1/2 an hour trying to put it on before I gave in and helped him and he wore it all day...with no pants. That is high-class right there.

Yesterday I took a quick shower and when I got out I could hear Will coming up the stairs. He walked into my room and I discovered that he had taken it upon himself to get dressed for the day. He managed to get a pair of shorts on...however they were on backward, both legs were through 1 leg hole, and they still had the price tag hanging down. He was obviously very pleased with himself which made it that much more amusing. I told him we were going to take a picture to show Daddy and he said "Smile. Cheese!" and gave this lovely pose.

This morning I put Will in his high chair and gave him some cereal and grapes for breakfast and left the room for a minute or two. When I walked back in Will had his head down and his arms folded and said "Father ... Father...AMEN!!" Apparently I walked in on him in the middle of a little prayer. He says "AMEN" very jubilantly...especially at the end of talks and prayers in Sacrament Meeting at church. He usually turns a few heads.

In other news, we have a yard!! Thanks to the miracle of sod our yard that started out as dirt this morning is now grass! Unfortunately we aren't sure if they didn't deliver enough or if we (well, I had nothing to do with it...but I'm sure I wouldn't have done it better either) just under-estimated how much we needed because we have about two-thirds of a backyard at the moment. A real life reason to pay attention in geometry class kids--it is kind of tricky to figure out the square footage of a yard with a lot of curves and diagonal edges! I took a before picture and tomorrow I'll take an after picture and eventually I'll post them.

Baby #2 is scheduled to arrive 8 weeks from yesterday. It is crazy to think we'll have two little boys around here in 8 weeks or less! And it is frightening to think that the Bar Exam is only about 6 weeks away!!

My birthday was on Friday and we had some friends and neighbors over for cake in the evening. All day long I tried to get Will to tell me "Happy Birthday Mommy!" because he likes to say Happy Birthday...but all he would say was "Happy Birthday Potty!" over and over....not sure what that says about me there. Oh well.