Friday, October 01, 2010

4th of July...?

This year was the year we got up early enough to go see the hot air balloons take off. It was also the year that no hot air balloons took off because of wind at higher altitudes. Of course.

We still had fun seeing the balloons up close and personal. And then we topped it off with McDonald's breakfast. So it was also the year we got up early enough to eat McDonald's breakfast.

We also went to the parade. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the lovely folk of Utah are obsessed with parades. Finding a seat within 20 feet of the road anywhere along the parade route is quite the endeavor.

[Sawyer collecting high fives from parade participants]

We also watched other people set off fireworks.

[All the kids.....................and Sawyer]

[The taste of freedom.]

And went to the downtown Freedom Festival where we enjoyed the liberties of freedom - such as petting a snake and bouncing in bounce houses.

Sawyer is not a big fan of bounce houses. He thinks he is until he gets close and then he refuses to go past the entrance. He did manage to climb up to the top of this bouncy slide. Once at the top he proceeded to throw a crying fit and refused to come down. Somehow it was determined that I had to be the one to go rescue him, so I had to climb the bouncy slide and slide down the bouncy slide in my dress. While Bryce photographed.

The 4th was on a Sunday so on the actual day we did...something. I'm sure. Hmmm. Maybe I should not wait until November to blog about the 4th of July. Oh yes, we had dinner with very lovely neighbors. Actually I think that was Saturday because then we threw kids in pajamas and went to go watch the fireworks...which were on Saturday. Or possibly Monday. This is a most unhelpful family history I've got going here.

I guess I have no choice but to take a flying leap into the realm of imagination. Therefore, on the 4th of July I'm quite certain we went to church in the morning and then spent the afternoon curing cancer.

PS: You know it's serious when they are workin' the tongue.