Monday, September 20, 2010

Boys in their natural habitat

Summer recap part 2:

At some point we went camping. We only went for 1 night so we only had to bring enough supplies to fill the back of our suv and a trailer. Our water cooler was on the trailer and the lid flew off sometime while we were driving up to camp. We never found it. On the way home one of the oars for the row boat flew off and broke. Success!

The campground was full so we found a place to pull off. It was secluded and would have been a good camping spot...if it had, you know, a bathroom or any running water. The boys didn't care of course since peeing outside is one of their greatest joys in life.

We took the row boat out on the lake when we got there. The boys caught fish that they cooked over the campfire and ate for dinner. I had nothing to do with that entire process. They enjoyed themselves though.

After smores we tried to put the kids to bed. It was about 10:30. That is when two truckloads of college-age party campers pulled in and decided to share our camping spot. They drank and yelled and played their loud, obnoxious music from their truck stereos until about 2 a.m. I love the peace and quiet of the wilderness.

The boys were up with the sun's first light and being the mature, non-passive-aggressive people we are I am confident that no one related to me went and found a cd of Christmas music and blasted it from our car stereo until all of our campsite friends came stumbling out of their tents and left. Then we loaded up and the drove back to the lake so the boys could fish for another half hour before going home. We got home tired, smelling like smoke, and with lots of dirty laundry which seem to be the goals of camping so I guess it was a success!