Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall Is In The Air

I am at the beginning of my week off from school and enjoying every second of it. Next Monday it will be back to school without the help of Mom to watch Will, make treats and dinner, and fold laundry. Will will miss having Grandma in town too. She took him on walks and now he knows what you mean if you say "Want to go for a walk?"...he gets all excited and goes to the garage door. Will has a new favorite activity. He walks in tight little circles until he gets dizzy and then falls over. Then he gets right back up and does it over again. He has avoided hitting his head on chairs, tables, pianos, etc. by a fraction of an inch about 800 times so far. Will loves to read. He will pick out a book and bring it over to you and throw it at your head while squealing which means "READ!"...then he will want you to read the story approximately 50 times in a row. Now he will hold your finger and make you point at the things he wants you to read. He is especially into his word books these days. You know the ones, all they are are pictures of various items with the names underneath. Grapes. Cow. Shirt. Tractor. Exceptionally boring. And he loves them. Just look at the pic of him reading one with his Dad. Will also has a new-found love for...the broom. He throws a fit when I won't let him play with it and if he ever has a chance to get through the garage door he grabs it and brings it inside. He carries it around the house and gets frustrated when it gets stuck somewhere. Today he fell asleep on the floor holding his two favorite things...his broom and his bottle. I am seriously debating buying him a smaller broom so that he will be less likely to put the big broom through a window or tv screen. Yesterday we went up the canyon for a picnic with my Grandma, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Mollie, and Megan. Megan was down for the weekend from school in Idaho and Dad had just flown out in preparation for the ride back East with Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom. It was a very pretty day and would have been very relaxing except that Will was very intrigued by the stream running by. We tried to get a good family picture, but Will is the more photogenic member of our family so I prefer pictures of him.

Addendum: Will learned a new skill today...sticking his finger up his nose. He first did it while I was trying to feed him lunch and apparently found it very amusing and interesting as he continued to do it throughout the rest of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that Will is truly a prince. We enjoyed hearing about his newest escapades and we can see how much fun you are having. Wish we were closer to see him in person.

PS Thanks for the birthday candy.