Saturday, July 28, 2007

In other news

Sawyer is now over 1 week old. Mom watched the boys so that Bryce and I could go grab some dinner to celebrate Sawyer's 1-week birthday on Thursday. It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit. We have been cooped up all week because it has been ghastly hot outside and Will has been sick. He woke up with a fever on Tuesday and was still not feeling very well when he left for the Ott family reunion with Bryce yesterday. Bryce reports that he seems to be feeling better though so I am hopeful that he will be a new boy when he gets home later today. Will spent the week whining and crying and wanting to be held and snuggled and just generally having melt downs over every little thing. I felt bad for the poor kid. I think he was already feeling kind of insecure since his mommy was paying so much attention to the new baby and it only made things worse when he just wanted to snuggle but mommy kept having to make him get down because of the "big owie" on her stomach. We also were worried about him getting Sawyer sick as he kept wanting to give "baby brother kisses" but we were trying to keep him as far away as possible. He was probably wondering why he wasn't allowed near his mommy or brother any more. This week was kind of stressful so I was very glad to have my mom here to try to distract Will and keep him happy. The fever lasted for about 2 1/2 days and we think he had a sore throat because we couldn't get him to eat anything--not even a milkshake. He found a Hershey's kiss and was excited to eat it but 2 seconds after he put it in his mouth he started screaming "Don't like it!" and putting his hands by his mouth. He also kept saying "Wipe it, Wipe it" and trying to rub his face on me. I think that was the best he could do at explaining that his throat hurt everytime he swallowed. I have my fingers crossed that he is much improved when he gets home this afternoon.

Sawyer, on the other hand, continues to be the world's most content baby. Sometimes he likes to work up an appetite with a good scream for a minute or 2, but even his worst is not that bad. Unlike Will who wanted to eat ALL the time, but refused to nurse, Sawyer nurses but has to be reminded to eat sometimes. He usually wants to eat about every 4 hours, but sometimes if he doesn't wake up we have to remind him that he needs to eat again. He is an awfully cute little guy. Bryce still thinks he looks just like Will, but I think he looks like an entirely different baby all together. But both my boys are awfully cute at any rate (sorry to brag). Sawyer's head full of dark hair hasn't fallen out yet so we shall see if it lasts. (I was born with a head of dark hair, but my mom says it all fell out and grew back in a different color.)

Bryce and Will are still gone at the family reunion in Tropic and my mom went to lunch with her mom so at the moment it is just me and Sawyer at home and it is very quiet. I haven't showered yet today so of course someone just came ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door. I'm not expecting anyone so I was fully prepared to ignore it, but they kept insistently pounding on the door so I got up to see who it was. I tried to peek through the blinds and all I could see was the mail truck parked on the street so I thought "hmm..maybe it is a package I guess I better open the door." Of course, when I opened the my pajamas...with my hair looking was a door-to-door salesman. Sawyer chose that moment to start screaming bloody murder (he usually never makes a peep so this was fortuitous), but the guy was just like "Someone sounds unhappy" and kept talking. Sawyer got louder and louder until finally I interrupted the guy and said "Sorry but my baby is totally screaming" to which he replied "You can go get him." I'm thinking "Umm..or you can go away now." So I said "Sorry but he probably wants to eat--thanks though" and went inside. I hate door-to-door salesmen and our neighborhood gets a TON of them in the summer. Unfortunately with the design of our house there is no way to peek and see who is at the front door except by looking out the big picture window in the living room which means the person at the door can see you trying to peek out.

I managed to pick up a cough while I was in the hospital and I keep startling Sawyer who is asleep on me. I hope it goes away soon because it is annoying. Also, coughing (or laughing or especially sneezing) after a c-section is really uncomfortable!

I rented "Cars" to give Will something to do while he wasn't feeling well and I think he has watched it about 8 million times already. Well, I should say that he has made me play it that many times -- he doesn't seem to pay it much attention when it is on, but then he will surprise me by saying lines he memorized and stuff like that. We are getting our $2.99's worth out of that rental for sure. Will woke up crying at 2 in the morning the other night and all he would say was "Racecars....racecars"--fortunately I got him back to sleep because I really didn't want to watch Cars at 2 in the morning!


ML said...

Erin, thanks for all the details! You are the world's best story teller. I can't wait to meet little Sawyer (see email to come soon). I think the oldest child always feels bumped but at least he had much ado about his birthday in the meantime!

Abbie said...

Erin! So much fun to hear about the new baby (and the older one!). Hope Will's feeling better now and that Sawyer is still easygoing!

-Abbie (Swenson) Burnham

ML said...

LOVE the new pic. How sweet!!!