Friday, July 11, 2008

(Pineapple) tidbits as Mollie would say

So I still haven't gotten around to getting the pictures and videos up on the last post . . . but here are a few random items.

My mom watched the boys for us while we went to NYC. At some point she told Will to do something "in the meantime" (I don't remember the details). Will responded, "No Grandma! Not in the meantime. In the happytime."

Last night I woke up to Will screaming. This happens at least 3 to 4 times a week. I went into his room and asked him what was wrong. He stopped screaming long enough to tell me: "That teddy bear ATE MY MP3 PLAYER!" I told him that his MP3 player was safe downstairs, but he kept sobbing and added "Nacho took it out in the street and it was tied round and round a truck and he gave it to the teddy bear to eat it" followed by more wails. So these are the horrific nightmares of an almost three-year-old.

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Travis & Aryn said...

I've been peeking at your blog - there was a link on Laurens - it is so fun to see pictures and what you are up to. It is amazing how real those nightmares are to these little guys! Michael has been horrified of the big bad wolf and rats for the past month! Every night he has us tell him the big bad wolf story and then we have to reassure him that our house is not built out of straw or sticks so the wolf can't blow it down. I'm hoping it is that will pass soon. I invited you to our blog - but I'm not sure I sent it to the right address.