Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

I took the boys for their check-ups and found that both are holding steady on their respective ends of the growth charts. Will is almost off the top of the height chart and Sawyer is almost falling off the bottom of the weight chart. The little guy is in the third percentile. I thought it was interesting that starting at age 3 they calculate a child's BMI--so I now have statistical proof that Will is not overweight...because I was really concerned about that...rriiigghhht.

We have started potty training week and thus will not be leaving the house for several days. For some reason Will only remembers to use the toilet when he is buck that is how he has been for 3 days now. He is doing pretty well except for when he pees on things for his own amusement. This morning he peed down the ramp of Sawyer's toy car garage.

Last weekend we took the boys to the zoo and to Wheeler Farm. Megan and Chad came with us. Unfortunately, both places were having events that day so everything was extremely crowded. The only place that was pretty empty was the farm part of Wheeler Farm. I guess everyone else was over at the carnival and car show. This is how Will reports on the trip: "My favorite animal was that grill slot that just sleeps in the basket all day and then the black guy went and got in a truck and the white guy had a gun." Translation: Will liked the girl sloth (not sure how he concluded it was a girl sloth) at the zoo which was sleeping in a hammock. At the Wheeler Farm carnival he saw Darth Vader, but Darth went and got in a truck before he could get a picture with him. Will did get his picture taken with a storm trooper with a gun, however. Sometimes I worry about what people must think when Will tells his versions of things.

Anyone have ideas of fun things to do in the San Francisco, northern California coast, western Oregon region? We are headed there in a week and a half and not sure what to do. We will be picking up the car that we are buying from my brother and doing some vacationing and driving home.

Sawyer's new record, which was set yesterday, is 17 baby steps. I was watching the Olympic women's gymnastic finals and thought that if I was really creative I would do some kind of video montage contrasting those girls flipping and flying all over with little Sawyer trying his hardest to take a few steps and stay upright. Who is working harder do you suppose?

So I have never done blog tags because this blog is (theoretically) about the children, but I was recently tagged and since I don't have much to say today maybe I will sneak it in here.
Three joys:
1. Watching Will dance
2. Watching Sawyer walk
3. Reading a good book with a bowl of ice cream on the couch with a blanket after both the kids are asleep-- aaahhhhh...
Three fears:
1. Tornadoes. Not sure why. I have nightmares about them frequently. Will never live in the Midwest. Let's move on.
2. That someone will break into my house some night when Bryce isn't home and I will be stuck upstairs with no way to escape or to get my kids out. Now you won't be able to sleep the next time you're home alone with the kids either!
3. Highway driving. Specifically merging onto the highway. I would much rather drive at home back East than in Utah. Here people seem all too eager to run you off the road while shouting "See you at Church on Sunday!" No offense to any Utah drivers reading this. I'm sure it doesn't apply to you.
Three current obsessions/collections: (Good thing it says current because these change frequently leading to closets and storage boxes full of half-finished projects...but please don't raise the subject with my husband)
1. Watching the Olympics at night after the kids go to bed and in the process staying up way too late
2. Letterpress printing...where can I take a class? anyone? please?
3. I couldn't think of another one so I asked my husband what my obsessions are and he said "being right and being right." I don't really think I'm obsessed with being right though...I just happen to always be right. Not my fault really.
Three surprising facts:
1. I play the saxophone.
2. I have made over 50 citizen's arrests.
3. I had a fiction piece I wrote published 2 years ago (I won't go into details because the reality is definitely lamer than whatever image you conjured in your head when you read that.)
I husband. Ha!

And now for some pictures. (There is only 1 picture of Sawyer because he was hot and tired and cranky and crying all day...which I didn't feel like documenting.)

Will fought the duck...
and Will won.
Just kidding. See they aren't even the same color. Really. That one was like that when we got there. I swear.


Kimball said...

Yep, Lincoln was born right before we left for Columbus. His 3rd birthday is on the 22nd of this month, he's so excited about the Wall-E cake that he thinks he's getting haha. I don't know how he found out what type of cake we were making him but he always amazes us with his divination skills. Don't be sad about Provo, it's a great place to be and if there were jobs there for dentists we would probably end up raising our family back there, currently it's not the case. Time will tell where we end up. Enjoy your vacation, make sure you drive along the coastal highway and visit the redwoods I'm sure the boys would love those gigantic trees!

JoandDoug said...

Looks like you guys have been up to some fun! Congrats on the new car! Can't wait to see it. I thought Will was wearing a Future Missionary tag in the picture of him in the barn. I had to look closer to make sure that wasn't what it was. I forgot to tell you that Will's cake was fabulous too. We're so sad we missed it! Have fun in CA and sorry I don't have any info about the Letterwhatever you like to do.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you got tagged? As always, I am not in the know.

crackie said...

Ha ha.. I love the grill slot. Also - I completely agree with the Utah driving thing. (Although Randy has driven all over the country and he thinks everyone is a bad driver. :)Back East they at least give you that two second window to get in... if not it's your own fault, but at least they give you a chance.

ottspot said...

Getting tagged is like an internet chain letter. You answer all the questions on your blog and then you are supposed to "tag" 5 more people who each do it on their blogs and then tag more people...etc. etc.

ottspot said...

Getting tagged is like an internet chain letter. You answer all the questions on your blog and then you are supposed to "tag" 5 more people who each do it on their blogs and then tag more people...etc. etc.

Lindsay K. said...

Erin, we were at Wheeler farm that same day. We were getting our family pictures done there. Then stayed around for some of the fun. It was really busy though

J & L said...

Hi Erin!! It's Bryce's friend Janie from Texas! Thought I'd stop by your blog and say howdy! <--that's how we texans roll as you probably know. :) You have some cutie-pie children and it's a little surreal that Bryce is a dad--he's come a long way from his "foil bomb" days. The hubby and I hope to come to UT soon and we'll have to hook up for dinner or something! Happy Thursday!

Kate said...

I love Will's version of the story. And, to allay your fears (did I spell that correctly?), just give me a call if somebody every breaks into your home while Bryce is away. I'll come to your back window with our ladder. :) I have that same fear; my brilliant plan of escape is for all of us to jump from the back window and (hopefully) land on the trampoline. I hope I never have to test that one out.

Scott, Mandi & the boys said...

Erin I found your blog through Aubri's I have one too but it is private send me and email at and I will send you an invite. Your boys are so cute. We should get all our boys together I am sure they would have fun playing!!

Aubri said...

Okay, you almost got me with the duck thing. You are so funny! San Fran... Pier 39 is always fun...shops, food, sea lions. Um, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jelly Belly Factory, which is in Fairfield, about an hour north of San Fran. They give tours and you can see how Jelly Belly's are made. Then you can purchase all kinds of Jelly Belly's. Sorry...kinda obsessed. Anyway, Marc and I grew up there, so give us a call! I'm so jealous...sounds fun!