Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do not mock the weather gods

Clearly the weather gods did not appreciate my last post. I've been on vacation for a week and it has rained almost the entire time. The few times it wasn't raining it was cold and gloomy and threatening to rain. And there is no end in sight. I packed 3 suitcases full of capris and skirts for me and shorts for the boys and I've worn the one pair of jeans I brought and my one sweatshirt every day.

Weather gods do not like to be laughed at.


Jungle Mama said...

They must be REALLY mad. We've had terrible weather here, too. Way to go, Erin! I bet you didn't know how powerful you were, did you? ;)

M.M.M. said...

And this surprises you because...??

When in the history of Mott/Dickerson/Hurst vacations have "the Gods" cooperated?
Just wondering.

Amanda said...

Gotta love the northeast. :) I have to admit that I too am getting pretty sick of this weather.

I am with my parents in New Hampshire right now (just across the Massachusetts boarder - my dad works near Boston). If you are still around let me know (you can email me). Maybe we could meet for lunch or something.

Jess said...

My comment has nothing to do with weather. Just that I love reading your blog. Can I join Katie and be a creepy stalker with her? I know most of the words to that song by The Police... it's really about stalking, right? :)