Monday, August 02, 2010

World view and evolution of the species

We spent the weekend in Salt Lake and while we were there the boys begged some money off of my brother and co. to throw in the fountain on Temple Square. Sawyer loves nothing more than to throw money into fountains. Will used to like it too. This time he kept his pennies in his little fist and then explained "Whenever I throw them in my wishes don't come I'm just going to keep them!" So there universe.

Will was trying to find a lost Walkie Talkie the other day. I was helping him look around the house and he stopped and said "I know! I should say a prayer! My teacher said that Drew lost his squirt gun and he said a prayer and he found it." He immediately plunked down and offered up a little prayer asking to find the Walkie Talkie. As soon as he finished he stood up, looked around the room, and said "That didn't work at all! I don't see it anywhere!" I tried to explain that he also had to put in some effort and look for it - which he did for about 1 minute before giving up. By the next day we still hadn't found it and Will's conclusion was "Well I would say a prayer, but that didn't work at all last time!"

Eventually I will put up some real blog posts with pictures. I just think it will be funny to remember the things the boys said when they were little. Speaking of things that are funny - if you hand Sawyer something that he likes he snuggles it up against his face and makes this noise like "Mmmm meow meow!" I'm not sure why. He will do it with anything - his blanky, a piece of candy, a stuffed animal, a bottle of Powerade - anything that he is happy to receive, especially if you hand it to him when he isn't expecting it.

And he still sleeps in a crib packed full of stuffed animals. He won't let me take any out. There are about 30 in there. He burrows in with them at night and it looks like a big litter of puppies or something. He likes to sleep totally against stuffed animals or the sides or his crib. If he ends up in my bed he will sleep pressed up against me or Bryce or turn sideways so that he is up against the headboard. He was in our bed last night and I woke up to find that he had slid down between two of the log spindles of the headboard and was stuck in a standing position between the headboard and the wall. He didn't seem to care since he was still asleep, but it freaked me out!

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Lauren said...

What in the world? Sleeping standing?! That is some talent. I would be freaked out too. :)