Thursday, August 10, 2006


So I think I have finally recovered from our vacation enough to write an update here. Not that our vacation wasn't just always takes a few days to unpack and get things back in order at home. Bryce had to go to Vegas for work (BlackHat) so Will and I went with him. The conference was Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then we headed to California and returned this past Sunday evening. Some highlights: (pic 1: Will and me in front of window in our room at the Flamingo)

-Bryce's work put us up at the Flamingo (not Caesar's Palace as we originally believed). Let's just say you know it's going to be outdated when the website touts the hotel as "an anchor of the strip since we first started rolling dice in 1947." Now it did appear to have been updated approximately 1965. Orange carpet is never a good idea. Orange carpet with yellow bamboo on it is an even worse idea.

- The first morning in the Flamingo I pulled back the curtains and found dirty clothes. A little disturbed by the presence of dirty clothes in my supposedly cleaned room I called and asked for housekeeping to come. (I was on my way out and wanted them to turn over the room while I was gone since I wasn't planning on being gone for very long...also I wanted them to remove the clothes.) Here is my conversation with the annoyed-sounding housekeeping lady after being on hold for over 15 minutes just waiting to talk to someone:
Me: Hi, I was just calling to request housekeeping.
Them: For what? to turn over your room?
Me: Yes..and also there were some dirty clothes on the floor of our room when we arrived
Them: Well are they your clothes? (sounding very annoyed)
Me: Nooo...they are NOT my clothes...they were here when we arrived. (Thinking: Yes, clearly I put my dirty clothes on the floor and would now like housekeeping to come pick them up for me)
Them: Can you hold?
holding approximately 7 minutes
Them: Hello? (I think they were hoping I'd hang up)
Me: Yes
Them: Security is going to have to come get the clothes
Me: Well I was on my way out. They are on the bed with a note.
Them: Maam you have to be in the room for security to come.
Me: Can I just put them in the hall or something? I was just leaving.
Them: Can you hold?
holding approximately another 7 minutes
Them: Hello
Me: Yes. (unfortunately for you I'm still here)
Them: Maam security can not come in the room without you being present and you CAN NOT put them in the hall.
(* Now please explain to me why every housekeeping person under the sun has full access to my room, but security absolutely can not enter?)
Me: (more than a little annoyed--mostly because the woman is saying everything so disgustedly like I'm really bothering her) Well maybe I will just put them in the garbage and forget I called. I am on my way out. They are not my clothes. I do not care about them. They were in the room when I arrived which frankly is kind of gross.
Them: Maam I understand that they are not your clothes. They must have been left by a previous guest. Security will have to come get them.
(*No maam I don't think you understand...they were OBVIOUSLY left by a previous guest and your cleaning of the room apparently did not entail removing them...THAT is the problem)
Me: Well I don't have time to bother with this now.
Them: (all sugary sweet all the sudden) Oh of course not maam...just call security whenever it is convenient for you.

- So I went out shopping with Will and when I returned in 2 hours the clothes were gone and the room was cleaned....which is clearly a miracle since security HAD to get them and COULD NOT come in my room without me.

- Will found every disgusting little bit of stuff in the hotel room - including dead bugs, a cheeto, several "made in china" stickers...all of which I pulled from his mouth

- The pirate show in front of Treasure Island has been changed. It now features "a pirate ship seduced by a boatload of sexy sirens" = terrible dance numbers performed by women in bikinis who must have been too old to be strippers or something. Definitely glad we dragged Will out and stayed up late to catch that.

Now for the real highlights:

- I think Will out-ate both me and Bryce at the hotel buffet. He was still eating pieces of cantaloupe and watermelon and rolls after Bryce and I were finished. Kids under 3 eat free--- Ha! They didn't see Will coming!

- Will's trick of the week was waving. He suddenly learned how to rotate his wrist and developed this perfect little parade wave. Sometimes he waves with one hand and sometimes with both. We'd push him down the strip in his stroller and whenever we passed someone he'd give a big grin and wave.

- We took Will to the hotel pool which he loooved. The first day I took him he played for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep while we were still in the water. Bryce took him the last night we were there. Bryce put his sunglasses on Will and Will actually left them there. Will was wearing his little swim trunks and no shirt and these big sunglasses and waving at everyone he saw. He had a fan club of his own by the time we left. There were no other babies around so he got lots of attention. I wish I had a picture, but we didn't bring the camera down to the pool. You will just have to picture it. He is a little flirt.

- Lauren and I went to the Ethel M chocolate factory. The best part is the free sample of your choosing at the end. Will did even better though, he got three free samples because all of the different ladies working gave him one. Unfortunately, I stuck them in the side pocket of the diaper bag, forgot about them, and they melted and got on Lauren's shorts.

After Vegas we headed for California. We took a ferry to Catalina Island which turned out to be a very expensive form of transportation to a few touristy shops. Bryce did go snorkeling twice though and said there were lots of fish. Luckily it doesn't appear that Will got his mom's aversion to all forms of travel. He loved the boat- unlike his mom who was seriously in danger of throwing up. (pic 2: Will trying to grab the camera as I try to take his picture on the "beach" (aka rocks) on Catalina)

We took Will to Huntington Beach. He like playing in and eating the sand. He also liked crawling along the edge of the water until a rogue wave came and knocked him over. He crawled over to another baby and was doing his excited "hello" screech, but the other baby wasn't so interested. I doused Will in sunscreen and kept a close eye on him and thought he was well protected, but when I changed him into pajamas hours later his little back was totally red. Bad parents. (pic 3: Will and Dad at Huntington Beach)

On Saturday we drove back to Utah and stayed with Stacy and Angie and family in St. George. Will loved having other kids and new toys to play with and explored the whole house. I think he was a little too excited though because he would not sleep at all that night. I got up with him four separate times and couldn't get him to calm down.

On Sunday we went to church, said happy birthday to Cameron (Bryce's cousin-- now 13) and drove back home. Will did very well in the car on the way home. He seems to like the car better now that he faces forward and can see out.

Unfortunately we didn't take many seemed like we could either enjoy ourselves or add a camera bag to the stuff we were already carting around (diaper bag, purse, stroller, Will) and then worry about taking pictures.

This week has mostly involved trying to get things unpacked and catching up on sleep. Will came down with a cold right after we got back and then Bryce got it and then I got it so no one has felt like doing much. Will is beginning to take more and more steps. Yesterday he took 6 steps over to Bryce. He usually only walks when diving for something though. He wants to get somewhere so he takes a few steps while diving forward at me or Bryce or whatever he was trying to get to. I don't think he realizes that he could just keep walking.

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