Friday, March 02, 2007

Time flies

<--This was Will's first picture taken by the hospital photographer lady. They come take a picture in your hospital room and then want to charge you like $50 for a single I just have this preview thumbnail version. He looks like a grumpy old man.

So not only is my first semester week off over like I mentioned in my last second semester week off is also over! What has happened since my last post? Hmmm...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day....

Halloween: Will went trick-or-treating as a monkey and was adorable. Last year I ran out of candy by about 6 o'clock and spent the rest of the night ignoring the kids knocking on the door. This year we bought about three times as much candy so we would be prepared and ended up seeing about 12 trick-or-treaters. Maybe it was because Halloween night was freezing this year! We stuck around until about 7:30 and then decided to take Will out to a few houses. We realized another reason why our street might not be getting much traffic when we went outside and saw that there were only 2 other houses with their lights on in our neighborhood. Will was more interested in people's front steps than in getting candy. We took him to about 5 houses total, but he was content once he had a piece of candy for each hand. He wasn't willing to let go of his candy long enough to put it in his bucket and get more so we decided five pieces of candy was plenty.

Thanksgiving: We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. In attendance were: Megan and her roommate who came down from BYU-I, Kyle and 2 of his roommates, Mollie, Becky (Bryce's older sister) and her boyfriend John who came down from Oregon, Bryce, Will, and I. Megan and Mollie brought pies and appetizer, Kyle brought rolls and fruit salad, Bryce made the turkey, and I (with M&M's help) made corn, peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pies, and I don't remember what all else. You can see pictures of the spread on Mollie's blog. Considering I've never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner before I thought it went well. I decided against getting out the china since we didn't have enough for everyone anyways, but we did use our fancy (which isn't that fancy) silverware. The silverware is, however, still stuck in its box waiting to be put back into the individual plastic bags on my kitchen counter. The day after Thanksgiving (or sometime that weekend) we drove up to Salt Lake to ride the free train (Bryce thought Will would like it). So ride the free train we is only free for about a 5 block distance so we went 5 blocks one way and 5 blocks back and that was about it. The Christmas lights were on at Temple Square but there wasn't a lot of interest in the group so we didn't go see them. We also ate at The Pie...which is a pizza place across from the U that puts ridiculous amounts of toppings on their pizzas. Just what everyone needs right after Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas: Pic. 1: This is as close as Will would get to the very frightening Santa at our church Christmas party--note Santa was a 14 year-old 90-lb actually was kind of frightening. We were planning on staying in UT for Christmas because plane tickets were so expensive, but after Michael and Mom offered us enough money to pay for all but $30 of our costs we decided to go back to CT. Plus Bryce got tired of me saying it was all I wanted for Christmas. I was more than excited because I had not been looking forward to Christmas in UT. Will is not old enough to care about Christmas and I could picture Bryce and I just sleeping in and then opening a few presents and then having Christmas be just a boring, lonely day around the house. We flew in on Christmas Eve and flew out on New Years Day so it was a quick trip. I do not do well on planes in the first place and Will does not do well with sitting still for longer than 1 1/2 seconds so the plane rides felt like eternity and I don't think I'll be eager to travel long distances with him again anytime soon. I spent my entire week in Connecticut laying on my parents' couch because I felt so sick---which leads to some news of general interest: We are expecting another baby at the beginning of August! It was nice to be home because Will had a grandma and 2 aunts to take care of him so I was free to do nothing. Will seemed to enjoy Christmas. He was nervous about the dog, but mostly got over it after the first few days. On Christmas Day we were all sitting in the family room opening presents and one of the twins took a bow and stuck it on Will's shirt. He thought this was a great idea and went around the room ripping bows off of all the presents and sticking them on his shirt and looking very pleased with himself. I'm not sure if someone got a picture, but it was awfully funny. Will figured out how to open presents and had a great time ripping the paper off of everything. Will also enjoyed having Grandma give him sugar cookies for breakfast or any other meal of the day. Will got to go bowling for the first time, but I didn't get to see it because I was home on the couch. I wasn't sure if I was going to survive the plane ride home, but thanks to the generosity of a Target pharmacy (long story) and some very powerful anti-nausea drugs I made it back to Utah in one piece.

Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day was not terribly exciting since I didn't get out of class until 6 and Bryce had to work and then go to Mutual (weekly activity for teens at church) at 7. I dropped off some Valentine's treats to Grandma Hurst, Mollie, and Kyle and made a Valentine's dinner, but Bryce and I postponed our celebration to the following weekend. At least that was the plan...I ended up having to work Friday night so we went out for a Valentine's lunch on Friday instead. Will got a Valentine from his friend Sophia which he figured out how to open by himself and enjoyed in the car on the way home from Soph's house.

Other happenings:
- I have 6 weeks of law school classes left! I am very ready to be done with school...and not looking forward to the Bar exam.
- Baby #2 is due 2 weeks after the Bar exam. We will see what happens. I sent in my application anyways so I will just plan on taking it and if the baby comes early we will deal with that then! We find out on Mar. 22 whether it is a boy or girl.
- Today I put Will in the shower with me and then ran him some bath water and let him play while I got dressed. Will loves to take baths and will ask for them saying "Baaaaaath? baaaaath?" Lately he likes to stretch out on his stomach with his arms and legs fully extended and then wiggle his butt around like a fish. He loves to splash like a madman so I usually vacate the bathroom while he is in the tub. I went downstairs to move some laundry from the washer to the dryer and heard footsteps upstairs. I figured Will had escaped from the tub, but a second later I heard splashing again. I went back upstairs and found Will sitting in the tub with my toothbrush! Apparently he got out of the tub, went and found my toothbrush, and then got back in the tub.
- The other day I sat down to eat lunch and Will took off upstairs. I was pretty sure all the doors were closed except for his room so I didn't care. Just to be sure I looked up the stairs and saw that the bathroom door and the door to my bedroom were closed so I figured he was just playing in his room. I finished eating and went up to find Will. He wasn't in his room and then I heard noise coming from behind the closed bathroom door. I opened the door and found Will standing in the middle of an entire unrolled roll of toilet paper and an empty box of 300 q-tips. Will saw me and dove behind the toilet to hide. I went downstairs to get the camera and when I came back up Will hid again (see picture). I guess he knew I wouldn't be too happy about the mess.
- Will's vocabulary these days: Milk, bath, banana, block, Caillou, tv, go, one, two, three, yellow, dvd, xbox, dance, Doba (where Bryce works), Joanna (my friend who watches him), Grandma, snack, trash, cup, bottle, cookie, Momma, Dadda, yes, no, truck, car, bus, horse, meow, snow, Bryce, credit card (the child is obsessed with them- he recognizes all the logos on our junk mail), mail, church, uh oh, whoa, please, Roomba (I got one for Christmas from Bryce), baby, basketball, football, ball, hello, byebye, Einstein (as in Baby Einstein), up, down, mess (one of his favorites), trash, Mollie, Donalds (as in McDonalds, he loves the play area), yuck, fish, keys, shoe, sock, duck, stuck. That is all I can think of at the moment. Of course if you try to get him to say any of these things he refuses to talk. The one word I would eliminate from his vocabulary is "x-box"...I get very tired of hearing "XXXXX----boooooxxxx" all day long while he pulls on my leg and tries to get me to turn it on.
- Will loves to dance...anytime music comes on the radio or on a commercial he stops what he is doing and does this little side to side dance.
- Will has learned how to throw an all-out temper tantrum. When he gets angry he screams, throws himself on the floor and rolls around or bangs his head, and then growls and tries to bite something. He doesn't bite people thankfully, usually it is the carpet or the couch or the handlebar of the grocery cart or something like that. If you ignore him and go in the other room he will stop crying, stand up and walk to wherever you are, and then throw himself on the floor and start over.
- Will is into kissing. And he charms his way out of trouble. When he knows he is in trouble he runs over with lips pursed and a big grin to give smooches. This is also how he gets out of time out. If he gets in trouble and I pick him up and sit him on the couch he usually last about 2 seconds and then starts kissing and I'll admit it works pretty much every time. It is hard to punish a kid who responds to reprimands and time outs with huge smiles and kisses. He thinks he is hilarious, especially when he's causing trouble.
- Will loves Church. Ever since he started going to nursery where he gets to color, do puzzles, sing songs, have a snack, and play with toys he thinks Church is the best place in the world. Almost every morning he gets up and says "Church? Church?". Last Sunday morning we told him it was finally the day for Church. I put him in his high chair for breakfast and he threw his food all over the kitchen. I took his tray away and made him sit in his chair in time out for throwing food. After about 30 seconds he started howling "Chuuuurrrrrccchhh? Churrrrrrccchhh?" I think he was afraid we wouldn't let him go because he was being punished. I guess I'd be pretty excited about Church too if I got to play with friends and have a snack! :-) We went for a walk the other week...meaning Will walked and I followed him and he headed straight for Church. Once he got to the parking lot he said "Go, go, go!" and ran across the whole lot to the doors. He was very disappointed to find the doors locked. The picture is of a different day when Will was purposely trying to gag himself by sticking his hand in his mouth. This is one of his favorite tricks. Once he was doing it repeatedly so I held his hands down and he looked at me defiantly and gagged anyways. He was very pleased with himself.
- The other night we could not get Will to go to sleep. It was about 11:30 and he was still going strong even though Bryce and I were in bed with the lights off. Will was between us and finally started to calm down. He was laying down with his eyes closed and I thought he had drifted off because he had been quiet for several minutes. Then we heard him whine "coooooooookie". Bryce and I both started laughing. Apparently that is what Will thinks about when falling asleep.

<-- Will sitting in a bucket reading a book....followed by Will sitting in a basket playing with toys.

- That is all I can think of for now. Hopefully it makes up for my lack of posts in the last 4 months! I am currently at school, but I will add the pictures to this post at some point.

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