Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's a ......

So we had our ultrasound today....and we are pleased to announce that we will be having.... (can you stand the suspense)....another little guy around our house. Yup, it's a boy. We should have known it would be a boy because we agree on a girl name, but not a boy name. So now we get to debate names for the next four months. We got to see his cute fingers and toes and made sure that everything looks healthy. He was a little shy when the ultrasound technician was trying to show us his profile. He kept turning away from the "camera" and putting his hands up over his face. We got a few pictures, however, which I will try to get on here eventually. We've asked Will a few times what he thinks we should name his little brother and the first time he said "Butt" (I think he was trying to say brother)...but now he keeps saying Bryce. I guess he wants him to be named after his dad.

Will learned a new trick this week...when asked "How old are you Will?" he will reply "One!" and hold up one finger. It is awfully cute. He also learned the word "Alright." I woke him up this morning and told him we had to get ready to go to the doctor and he said "Alllllright." He is a little chatterbox.

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ML said...

YAY, a suitor just for Maddie since Sophia has claim on Will!
Congratulations you guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to see your post...but I have been thinking about you!

Will sounds absolutely adorable these days. Wish we could see him growin' up.