Monday, October 08, 2007

A weekend in the tropics

We spent the weekend in the tropics...well, sort of, we spent the weekend in Tropic, Utah which is by the entrance to Bryce Canyon and the home of Bryce's paternal grandparents and an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins. We went down on Thursday night and attended the funeral for Jack Chynoweth (Bryce's aunt's father) on Friday. He wasn't a blood relative, but Bryce was kind of an adopted grandson. We'd been promising Will a ride on a horse and he finally got the chance on Sunday morning before we left to come back home to Provo. I asked Will what he was doing and he said "I'm a cowboy!" Isn't it every kid's dream to have grandparents where you get to sleep in a cabin and ride horses when you visit?

Will had a blast playing with Bryce's cousins' kids over the weekend. On Saturday Bryce went "up on the mountain" to help his grandpa and Will and Sawyer and I tagged along with Bryce's Aunt Randi and Uncle Bob and their family out to the Chynoweth cabin. Will had a little run-in with barbed wire fence when we first got there, but I think he learned his lesson. We brought a picnic lunch, but it turned out to be a little cold for picnic weather! It even snowed pretty heavily for a little while in the afternoon. Will played outside with his cousins for about 6 1/2 hours and didn't want to come inside when it was time to go. Clearly he got his Dad's genes when it comes to temperature control--those two never get cold! Mom hung out inside the cabin with Sawyer and had fun visiting with Bryce's aunt and cousins. Unfortunately Will already had a cold and that night it turned into croup...he sounds like a dog barking. That happens at least 75% of the time when he gets a cold. I can hear the poor kid coughing in his sleep upstairs right now.

Will got a hold of some "Cars" cars (Lightning McQueen etc.) at Aunt Randi's house and didn't put them down for the entire weekend. We tried to consistently remind him that they didn't belong to him and that he would have to give them back to "Grandma Randi" (as Will called her) before we went home. On Saturday night Will woke up twice crying and had to be reassured that the "Dinoco folks" were still under his pillow. I expected lots of crying and hysterical fit-throwing when it came time to leave the cars behind, but Will actually left quite passively after being told that he could ask Santa for some special cars for Christmas. About halfway home Will started asking for the "racecars" though and Bryce tried to distract him by talking to him about our trip. Bryce asked Will "What was your favorite toy at Grandma's house?" and Will said "marbles." (Bryce's grandma has a wooden marble track that Will really enjoyed.) Then Bryce asked "What was your favorite thing to play with at Aunt Randi's house?" I thought for sure Will would say "racecars"...but instead he thought for a second and said "cousins." That little boy loves to play with other kids but, unfortunately, doesn't have any cousins of his own yet!

Bryce's grandparents own some cabins that they rent out inside of Kodachrome Basin state park. Bryce's grandma also runs the Trailhead general store type thing inside the park. Bryce's grandparents are getting ready to move into the new house they are having built so we stayed in one of the cabins out at the park. It is nice to have our own little place to stay when we go down there. Bryce's grandparents are getting ready to retire from the cabin-renting if you're interested in getting into the business let us know! :-)

On our way out to the Chynoweth cabin there were some calves on the side of the road and I told Will "look at the baby cows." Will looked at them and said "those are Sawyer's cows." I guess he thought I said "look at the baby's cows." Will also picked up some phrases from Grandma Ott over the weekend. When we left her house one evening Will announced "Going to the cabin bless your heart!"

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