Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We are busy getting ready for Halloween. After two failed attempts due to the fact that it has rain/snowed for the last FOUR weekends, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch last night. It was supposed to close at 7 and we got there at about 6:30, but there were still plenty of people in line. It was cold. We waited to take the wagon ride to the patch and by the time we got there it was totally dark! It is slightly more challenging to pick out pumpkins in the dark. Especially while trying to keep track of small children. Will picked out his very own pumpkin- the biggest (and therefore, most expensive) one he could find of course. While waiting in line Bryce taught Will "how to climb the fence." I'm not sure who was more proud of this accomplishment, Will or Bryce!

We've been promising Will a trip to the pumpkin patch for some time and when I took Sawyer to the doctor on Friday (more on that later) the doctor was wearing scrubs with pumpkins and cats on them. Will pointed out the pumpkins and then somehow the idea that he got to go to the patch and pick a pumpkin became that he got to go to the patch and pick a kitten. He kept saying "Will gets to pick his own kitten at the patch!" I tried to intervene in that thought process and correct him which the doctor thought was pretty humorous. I kept saying "No, Will gets to pick a pumpkin! Any pumpkin he wants!" which only caused Will to insist even louder "Will gets to pick a kitten, any kitten!" Sorry Will, but you got a pumpkin.

Yes, I took Sawyer to the doctor on Friday because his cold turned into a cough that sounds like a 55 year-old chain smoker. As expected the official diagnosis was "Well, it's probably some kind of virus--just keep an eye on him." You know it is cold and flu season when my weekly routine involves at least 1 trip to the pediatrician's office. [We took Will in last week for severe croup. The poor kid completely lost his voice for 2 days! They gave him a prescription for some medicine...which Will gagged on and threw up an entire strawberry milkshake all over the back of our car, his car seat, and himself. I've cleaned for over 4 hours and the car still smells. Joy.]

On Saturday Mollie came over to help entertain the boys while we painted Will's "big boy cowboy room." It is a tan color officially known as Ralph Lauren county cork or, apparently, "Baltimore Orioles" as the can said. On Monday I was taking down all the painting tape and Will walked into the room and said "I like this beautiful color. It's from Lowe's." He now has a "big boy bed" too-- a regular twin size bed. He took a nap in it yesterday and slept in it last night. He didn't even get out of bed until 9 this morning! I guess that was enough for him though because when I put him down for a nap today he informed me that he wanted to sleep in his crib, so that is where he is now.

While I was trying to clean up the painting paraphernalia Will was busy emptying out the bathroom cabinet. I went to stop him and told him that he couldn't get into the cleaners and stuff because they were dangerous. I picked him up to haul him out and he kept leaning towards the cabinet with arms outstretched yelling "Scrubbing Power!!!" over and over. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

On Friday night Mollie watched the boys while Bryce and I went out for our anniversary dinner. Yes, our anniversary was in June, but Bryce's office gave us a gift certificate that we hadn't used yet. Mollie told us that while we were gone Will was playing with his magna-doodle. Mollie told Will to draw a picture of Sawyer so he drew some scribbles and then looked at his work and declared "He's so cute!" Will also tried to draw Aunt Mollie so Aunt Mollie prompted him by asking "What does Aunt Mollie look like?" Will thought for a second and responded "Aunt Megan!" Good answer. [They are twins for those who don't know.]

This entry started out by mentioning the snow. Yes, snow. Bryce and I stayed up watching Jumanji on Saturday night and when I got up to go to bed at about 1 I glanced out the window and saw that it was snowing like crazy! There was still snow on the ground in the morning. It is not even Halloween yet. What happened to fall? I think we totally skipped it this year.

Here is a newsworthy item: Sawyer slept through the night for the first time! Saturday, October 20th was the big night. I had him sleep in his car seat next to my bed because his cough is worse if he lays down flat. He fell asleep at 10 and I woke him up to eat at 6! Of course, I woke up about 8 million times wondering if he was still breathing. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a repeat performance yet. Well, I guess he did sleep from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. the next day which is a good 7 hour stretch. It just didn't happen to coincide with when I wanted to be asleep.

I think Will may have finally fallen asleep. I put him down for a nap over an hour ago, but I heard him yelling randomly until about 10 minutes ago. Sawyer fell asleep too so I should take this opportunity to shower. Bonus pics of Sawyer in a smiley mood today.


Annie Ditto said...

I love your stories about Will!! He sounds like such a hilarious kid! I can't wait to meet your little guys someday! Here is our address: 242 E Plum st. Elizabethtown PA 17022

Melissa and Don Mortensen Family said...

That was the funniest thing I have ever seen-Your mom's blog that is. Thanks for telling me about it.
Sawyer is looking especially cute these days!