Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe Halloween is already over! I barely got my Halloween decorations put up and now I have to put them away. I think this was the first year that I neither went to nor had a Halloween party of any sorts. Usually there is always the Church party if nothing else, but this year I missed it because I went up to Idaho over the weekend. I did see the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra's Halloween concert that Megan was in so I guess that counts for something.

This was the first year that Will has actually been old enough to catch on to the idea of trick-or-treating. Last year we took him to 2 houses, because once he had a piece of candy in each hand he was not about to let go even long enough to get more candy. I can't believe how much he has changed in 1 year--look up last year's Halloween post and compare for yourself! This year we made it down our street and the neighboring street. Will probably would have kept going, but it was getting kind of cold out so we stopped. At every house Will took about 5 minutes carefully selecting a piece of candy before he'd either make up his mind or, more frequently, Bryce would choose for him. The well-meaning candy givers would just hold the bucket out for Will to choose and that is just way more options than a 2 year-old can handle. He would stand there staring at everything saying "Hmmm" and then reach for something and then change his mind and then choose something and then put it back, etc. So we probably went to maybe a dozen or 15 houses, but it took well over an hour.

I must say I am rather proud of myself for making Will's cowboy chaps all by myself. I made a pattern out of paper and then cut them out and sewed them together and sewed on the binding. I asked Bryce "Aren't you proud of me, I actually thought of something, bought the materials, and then followed it through to completion?!" If you know me it is that end part there that is truly impressive. All I can say is Take That Howdy Doody! (long story...ok not only other experience trying to make any article of clothing was when I attempted to make a pair of pants for a Howdy Doody ended...poorly)

I couldn't find Sawyer's costume. He was going to be a bat because that is what Will was for his first Halloween. Despite my all-day searching, however, I only succeeded in finding the bat wings - the suit they attach to and the hat are still missing. Poor Sawyer. The bunting I put him in had ears on it though so that kind of counts right?

Will was sitting in his booster seat today eating lunch and he grabbed his napkin unfolded it and tucked it into the collar of his shirt and continued eating. I guess he didn't want his applesauce getting on his basketball t-shirt. Yesterday I handed him something and he said "Thank you honey bunches!" Also yesterday Bryce was working on the computer and Will was sitting with him and he looked up at him and said "Daddy, you make me happy." He said that to Sawyer the other day too. I was taking them out of the car after a trip to the grocery store and Will said "Soy Boy you make me happy." Lately Will also says "Give me a hug!" and then holds his arms out wide. It is so cute. How can kids be so cute and drive you so crazy all at the same time? It is encouraging to think that my wild child might someday be a civilized human being after all.


ML said...

Those pictures of Will as a cowboy are phot contest material! What a cute little guy. I am proud of your sewing abilities.

Where is Bryce's cascading, curly black hair this year? :)


Love the chaps. I think that is what they are called. You know if you want to see some real cowboys and have some real bbq, you know where to come! haha.