Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More random Will quotes

These posts would be more interesting with pictures. <-- I added some. It snowed last weekend for the first time of any significance this season. Will loved it. It is now Dec. 9th and it has been snowing off and on all day. It is a winter wonderland outside!

Yesterday Will grabbed a hair clip out of my bathroom and said "This is for Mommy's hair" and handed it to me. I took it and stuck it arbitrarily on the top of my head and Will looked at me and said, "You look cute Mommy!"

Will was being a pill the other night when we were trying to put shoes on him or something and Bryce said "Will, do you need a spanking?" and Will said "Yes, I need a spanking." So Bryce swatted him on the bum which did not faze Will in the slightest. Will continued to be a pain so Bryce said "Will, do you want another spanking?" and Will replied "Yes! I want another spanking!" Hmmm. Yesterday Will was harassing Sawyer and I said "Will, you're about to get a spanking. Do you need a spanking?" and he responded "Yessssssssssss!" like I had just offered him a trip to Disney World. We don't really spank him and apparently the threat of a spanking is being lost in translation.

I asked Will what Santa was going to bring Mommy and he told me "Boots and an hourglass." This kid sure has creative gift ideas. Grandpa gets a monkey and the Fox and the Hound dvd for his birthday and Mommy gets boots and an hourglass for Christmas. Then I asked him what he thought Sawyer would like for Christmas. He didn't have an answer so I started asking him things like "Do you think Sawyer would like a burp rag?" and Will would crack up and say "Noooo! Sawyer doesn't want a burp rag." We did this about a million times with things like an empty bottle, a piece of garbage, some spit-up, a dirty diaper, etc. Then I asked Will if he thought Sawyer would like some poop for Christmas (classy I know, but we are dealing with a 2 year-old's sense of humor here) and Will just about fell off his chair laughing before he responded "Noooooo! That would be disgusting! Don't be silly Mommy." For a whole 5 minutes I was the funniest person Will could ever even imagine.

A little later I was trying to finish up my Christmas shopping online and I got up to get something. Will hopped up into the computer chair and was banging on the keyboard and messing things up. I grabbed him to put him down and he lunged for the keyboard yelling "No! I'm working!"

Last night at dinner Will said he was going to say the blessing on the food and it went something like this "Thank you for the milkshake...thank you for McDonald's... (it was actually Arby's but oh well)...thank you for the bag...thank you for Sawyer..." and eventually we just cut him off and said Amen.

I grabbed Will to take him upstairs for a nap this afternoon and he looked down and said "Good night Sawyer! Thank you for coming." I'm not sure where he thinks Sawyer is visiting from, but whatever. Then when I tucked him in bed he said "I love you Mommy. Thank you for coming to see me." I guess we are all just visitors in Will's world.

As for Sawyer: I put him in the hop n' pop play thing today and he was very determinedly reaching out and pushing around some rings on a loop. It's the first time I've seen him successfully grab something on purpose. Sawyer is clearly enamored with Will these days. I was trying to feed him this morning and whenever Will said anything Sawyer would stop eating and grin and look around the room for him. This is definitely an improvement over the look of sheer terror that used to come across his face whenever he heard the sounds of impending Will. Will only occasionally tries to kill Sawyer at this point--such as yesterday when he put a pillow over poor Sawyer's face while he was napping. I'm not sure what goes through his head.

Both Sawyer and Will are asleep at the moment. These moments are extremely rare and usually extremely short as well. Ahhhhhhh. Basking in the moment of a quiet house.

PS: Will woke up from his nap. He came downstairs and said "Hi Mommy. I'm glad to see you."



I thought I already left a comment...but it seems to have disappeared. The picture/story of will at the piano made me chuckle!and another random comment...the writers need to stop their stupid strike. We need a new Office episode. well at least pam and jim got together before this whole mess started!

Mike & Lauren said...

When I read your posts I just sit there and laugh at my computer screen! You have always been the best storyteller I know. And of course Will is the best leading character. I hope Sawyer gets something better than poop!

Love the pic of Sawyer holding his head up. I bet he has changed so much since I saw him last!!!