Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still so full...

Will got a magazine in the mail that had a song in it. He said "Music for the piano...I need to play it!" and then ran off. I found him like this.
Poor Sawyer...those Dickerson genes set in early. For now, we will borrow this pair from Mr. Potato Head! This picture kind of makes it look like he has teeth, but he doesn't- it is just the glare off of spit or something.
Will is ready for the slopes! Don't mind the mess in the was clean at one point that day...very briefly.
This was Sawyer's first bath from quite some time ago. He was pretty mellow about it.

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. A quick run-down. On Nov. 14th my parents flew in from Connecticut. They stayed for two weeks. Dad sheetrocked, taped, and mudded our office. Mom visited her mother (who fell and broke her hip about 8 weeks ago) and cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We had dinner up at my grandma's house in Orem and it was attended by: Mom, Dad, Bryce, Erin, Will, Sawyer, Mollie, Mollie's boyfriend Parker, Megan, Kyle, Evan, Evan's friend Laurel, Laurel's baby named Paul, cousin Liz, Grandma, and Uncle Gary. Got that all? The day after Thanksgiving we went out to lunch and ended up at the mall even though we had no intention of shopping on Black Friday. That night we had a little early birthday party for my dad since all the kids except Michael were here. The next day we went to Heber and ate lunch with my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Steve and then continued up to Park City for a short trip to the outlets. My mom and dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary while they were here. Mom and Dad left on Nov. 28th and now we are back to the same-old...well, except for that now we are trying to get ready for Christmas.

Will's latest:
- I gave him a pack of fruit snacks and he said "Thank you ever so much Mommy!"...Also, he lined up all his toy cars at Great-grandma's house and then told them "Thank you ever so much cars!" Ohhhkay.
- The other day Will woke up early and came and got in bed with me, but he was being crazy and climbing all over my head so I told him "Will, if you don't want to lay down then go downstairs and play with your cars." He said "Ok" and climbed out of bed and as he was going out the door turned around and said "See you later Mommy. Thanks for snuggling!"
- I set up a little glass nativity set on the entry way table. I had Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus grouped together and then a little ways away the 3 wisemen were arranged as if they were headed towards Jesus. I heard Will messing with it the other day, but didn't notice anything until I went to put something away under that table later that afternoon. Will hadn't moved any of the pieces, except to turn all of the wisemen around 180 degrees -- apparently they changed their minds and are headed back home.
- Will informed me yesterday that he wanted to watch The Incredibles...but then he told me "I like that movie. I just don't like the scary robots." This means that he makes me put the movie on for him and then makes me fast-forward through all except about 2 1/2 minutes of it.
- Will knows all of his letters now. He has recognized the letters for quite some time, but instead of saying "A" he would say "apple" because that is the picture with the A on his alphabet puzzle. So he would spell like this "Beach ball, Yacht, Umbrella" when he saw my BYU sweatshirt. Apparently something clicked this past week because now he says all the right names for the letters. I only mention this so that I'll be able to accurately tell all of our other children how much faster Will was at learning the alphabet than the rest of them. Poor non-first children.
- It snowed yesterday. Bryce attempted to help Will make a snowman, but Will preferred a "giant Cozy Cone"-- translation: a giant traffic cone like the Cozy Cone Motel on Cars. Some punk kid(s) knocked it down last night though. The camera batteries died before I got a picture.
- Will kept running off down the street yesterday and then he would throw himself on the ground and start stuffing snow in his mouth. I was trying to get him to go back home, but he kept saying "Noooo, I'm not done eating snow!" I tried to convince him to eat the snow in our yard...but I guess the snow is always tastier on the other side.
- I bought Will a cheap advent calendar, but he determined that it was a book and kept demanding that I open it. I kept trying to tell him that it was not a book so I couldn't open it. After about 5 minutes of this argument I told him, "Will, it is NOT a book. It is a special calendar called an advent calendar. Can you say advent calendar?" and Will looked at me and yelled "NO! It is NOT an advent calendar!"
- One night when my parents were here Will was being crazy and running around the house with his toy lawn mower. My mom and dad left for the night and we told Will that he needed to calm down and get ready for bed. He just got crazier and started pushing the lawnmower around again while yelling "I'm being obnoxious!" over and over.
- I wanted to take a quick shower on Friday and Will didn't need one so I locked him out of the bathroom. He spent the next 10 minutes crying and banging on the door yelling "Mommy, the door is stuck!" ( did that happen?) When I got out of the shower I opened the door and found a totally naked Will with the remains of a dirty diaper smeared all over him. I went in search of the diaper and found it in the other bathroom halfway rolled up like the way I roll up diapers before throwing them away. I also discovered that during his screaming Will had apparently been rubbing his dirty rear end all over the bathroom door. This job does not pay well enough.
- My mom bought Will some Cars underwear which he was ecstatic about. He immediately stripped and pulled on a pair with Lightning McQueen on them. He was not pleased with the picture being on the back so he took them off and turned them around. He spent the next 1/2 hour showing them off and strutting around the house. I about died from laughing. I took some video which will embarrass him for many years to come. My baby's first pair of underwear...what a milestone.

Sawyer's latest:
- Urrr...he still enjoys blowing spit bubbles and if you squeeze his thigh he might let out his little "uhuuuuuh" laugh that is more like a grunt than a laugh.


Melissa said...

Those stories were hilarious. I think I liked the Nativity one best. I can just picture him there by himself doing that. I would love to get in his mind. It must be a very amusing place!

Mike & Lauren said...

SO dang funny! I can't get enough. But the rear rubbing on the door thing is pretty, I just can't wait for the time when Maddie takes her own diaper off. Congrats to Will on learning his letters! I think I would have liked ot hear him spell the original way. :)