Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter, Engagements, and Everything in Between

I thought life would slow down after the Bar Exam, but I think it has sped up instead! March 13 was Bryce's birthday. He celebrated by playing Church basketball (that is becoming a tradition) and then eating cream cheese pie and opening presents at home with us and Mollie and Kyle. I took Will to the store with me that morning to get some things for Bryce's birthday and he insisted upon the birthday hats. The following Saturday we went to Tucano's with a couple of friends and then to a movie. When we scheduled the birthday lunch we had forgotten that we had already arranged for Will to go to an Easter party at my Grandma's assisted living place, so Aunt Mollie played surrogate parent and took him for us. He got to go on an Easter egg hunt and was lucky enough to find one of the golden eggs that he traded in for a dollar. He also got a bunch of Easter erasers...which he misunderstood to be "racers" which led to him running up and down the hall with them in hand. That night Will fell asleep before I had changed him for bed so I changed his diaper and put on his pajamas without him ever even opening his eyes. When I pulled the covers up he rolled over and said "I found a golden egg..." so I guess it made an impression and he had a good time.

The day after Bryce's birthday was Pi Day so I hope you all had a slice of pie at 1:59. Having had pie for Bryce's birthday the night before I refrained. You can see the difference in the boys' complexions in the above picture. Poor Will got my paler than pale skin.

We didn't do anything to celebrate St. Patrick's Day even though it is the only holiday where people put up signs with my name on them. Will and Sawyer looked cute in their green clothes, but I forgot to take a picture of Will before he went to bed. We did go to the Bean Science Museum that night and Will's favorite part was the area where they had displays with buttons he could push. Do all kids love to push buttons? or "buttnits" as Will calls them?

Lately I wish I could just record everything Will says so I could sit and listen to him when I'm old. He talks nonstop in his little high pitched voice and it is funny to get a glimpse into his thought process. The other day he was eating some Ritz crackers in the shape of snowflakes and his running commentary was: "These are snowflake crackers from the store. I like them. They're pretty sweet!" Later that day he ran over and hugged me and said, "I like you! You're a good brother!" A few days later he came downstairs and saw an Easter package which I had assembled for my sister Megan sitting on the kitchen table. He spotted it and said "Oooooo! Oh look at this! This is a very special package!" Another day he told me "I like you! You're the best! And Daddy's the best! And I'm a wonderful guy! Everyone's the best!" He's such a positive kid (not sure where he gets that from!). Of course, sometimes his commentaries aren't so heartwarming - like the other day when he informed me: "I'm stanky, stanky, stanky! I'm covered in poop and pee! I'm disgusting!" or yesterday when I got out of the shower to Sawyer screaming hysterically and asked Will why Sawyer was crying and he responded "Because I kicked him and squeezed him and threw my fishy at him." At least he is honest...and thorough.

Today Will informed me that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up and then he said "Noooo...I want to be a chef. I love food!" I think my brainwashing is sinking in. :-)

Sawyer is getting closer to crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and kind of rocks back and forth, but then he invariably pushes his legs straight back behind him and then falls forward face-plant style and then pushes up on his arms again and repeats the process. He just drags his legs behind him like dead weight. It looks like a painful way to get somewhere, but he doesn't seem to mind.

The other night I put Will to bed but he kept crying and wanting me to go in and lay in his bed with him. After going in there about 5 times I could here him saying "Mommy? Mommy?" over and over, but since he wasn't crying I ignored him. After about 15 minutes he started screaming so I went up there again and when I opened the door I saw that he wasn't in bed. I turned towards the screaming and found him standing in the back corner of his closet, clutching a stuffed monkey, screaming hysterically. I tried to get him to come out, but he would just freak out more. Finally he stopped crying and would just lean forward and peer out of the closet and look around his room, but he wouldn't come out. He told me that he wanted me to sit down and talk to him, so I sat on the floor and was asking him what was the matter. He said that there was a giant in his wall. This is his latest thing. About 10 days ago he started saying there was a giant in his room. And then one night we put him to bed and a short while later the heat came on and he immediately started screaming and when I went up there he was pointing at the heating vent in the floor by his bed and telling me that there was a giant in the wall. I tried to reason with him by saying that "There are no giants except in cartoons" which he seemed to accept for a moment before this sudden look of terror came over his face and he said, "Giants are in cartoons...I HAVE CARTOONS!" So clearly that logic did not work on 2 year-olds. Will eventually came out of the closet after about an hour! Then 2 nights ago Will woke up and I let him come get in my bed because I was too exhausted to do anything else. A short while later Sawyer started screaming so I went and got him and, knowing that my bed couldn't hold all of us, I went and got in Will's empty bed with Sawyer. A little while after that I heard Will start crying and then I heard my bedroom door open and Will walked into his room and straight into his closet. I'm not sure why suddenly he makes a beeline for his closet when he is scared. Needless to say I ended up in Will's bed with both Will and Sawyer and Sawyer got one glimpse of Will and decided it was playtime and kept giggling at Will - which might have been cute if it hadn't been 4:30 in the morning. Will also still has the habit of stuffing his fingers in his mouth when he is scared. He never sucked on his thumb, but when he is scared or anxious he puts all of his fingers in his mouth.

For Easter we went to Church with the boys in their new Easter clothes (well, Sawyer just wore Will's old ones...that's what happens when you're #2!), but I forgot to take a single picture of them together in their Easter clothes. Bryce left Church early because Sawyer wouldn't stop fussing and Sawyer was asleep when Will and I got home so Sawyer missed all the festivities and pictures. I found him like this. We had Kyle, Mollie, and cousin Liz over for dinner and then had an Easter egg hunt and ate carrot cake. We tried to go visit my Grandma afterwards, but found her apartment deserted. I guess she had gone to my aunt and uncle's house for the evening.

I guess that pretty much brings us up to date...since the Bar Exam at the end of February I've had Enrichment Meeting (social activity for women at church), Bryce's birthday, Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day (ok, maybe those last 2 didn't really entail doing anything but still), and Easter (I also taught the Relief Society (women's class) lesson on Sunday). It feels like there has been something major every week. And next Tuesday is Mollie and Megan's birthday.

I also have a new job. Okay, not really. My little sister Megan is engaged! She is getting married at the end of the summer in Rexburg, ID which is how I acquired the title of "wedding planner"! It is much more fun to plan someone else's wedding than your own I've decided. Megan is probably tired of me e-mailing her with all the useful links, info, and pics I find online. I think so far Mollie and I have given Megan's wedding about 200 times more thinking time than she has (no offense Megan).

This is a picture of how Will wrote his name all by himself for the first time. Not too shabby. The next day he got out the Bunco game and scattered it all over the family room. When I was picking up I found a paper that he had written his last name on. He's a smart little bugger. I credit television.

Here's my little Paddington Bear when we got back from our walk today. I love that little rain slicker. I ordered it when I was pregnant with Will because it was just so darn cute. Of course, as Bryce said, "How often are you going to be leaving your 3-6 month old out in the rain?" I will admit it. I don't think Will wore it even once! (SSHHH don't remind Bryce of that fact or I will never live it down!) It is Sawyer's little spring jacket now though.

One more Will story. The other day he kept telling me "I will go on the potty and I will get money to send to the lady!" I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked him what lady he was going to send money to. He runs into my room where he had been watching Dora while I showered. He points at the television which was showing a commercial for Proactive with a picture of Jessica Simpson. He's points at the picture and says "That lady! I will get money and send it to that lady for my birthday!" Now where he came up with that idea I don't know. I found it rather disgusting. He's only 2 and already the typical guy who just wants to throw money at "hot" girls! Eck!


Mike & Lauren said...

Of course I love all the stories about Will, the smartest and silliest kid I know. But I am more struck this time by little Sawyer, who is not so little anymore!!! Look at him sitting up, and that big round face with sweet smile. The rain slicker is adorable, I agree it was a must-have. And Happy Birthday to Bryce two weeks ago! Your cheesecake and carrot cake are two of my favorite things in the world.


It HAD to be Jessica Simpson...she is so annoying! Very funny stories and cute pictures! "I have cartoons!" That is very funny.