Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We just discovered the presence of a mouse (let's hope it is just one) in our pantry. Gross!!! I am tempted to throw away every food item in there...and I still might...but that is a whole lot of food! Bryce was working on his laptop in the living room and told me to mute the t.v. I did and he was shining a flashlight behind the fridge and all around the kitchen. He pulled out our storage of plastic grocery bags from the pantry floor and we found that a mouse has been making itself at home there for some time now by the looks of things. Gross gross gross. We knew that our neighbors had mice which isn't all that surprising since our property borders a farm, but I was really hoping we would be spared because they changed the house design and so we have stairs leading into our kitchen from the garage instead of just a flat entrance...but I guess mice can climb stairs. Bryce is on his way to buy a mouse trap. Before he left he stuffed a towel in the crack under the pantry door and then just for good measure tipped a bar stool over and pushed it up against the towel. So the mouse is blockaded within the pantry unless it has some secret means of egress. I am trapped at home with the kids and the mouse. This means we have had mice at every home we've ever lived in in Provo. In our first married apartment, a.k.a. "the shack" we were dutifully kneeling by our bed to say prayers and a mouse ran across the room right by our feet. That was the last time we did that! We bleached the entire kitchen about 3 times due to our rodent visitors in that place. Then we had to catch a few in the trailer home we rented as well. And now even our nice, new house has been infiltrated. They might have lived here first, but we bought this property fair and square! Wouldn't they be much happier back on the farm? We are up late every night so I am surprised that we haven't seen any signs of this critter before now. Did I mention Gross!


JoandDoug said...

I totally feel your pain Erin! The gross sticky pads are what worked for us. Good luck!

Dan and Marci said...

Mice are annoyingly cute but chew the heck out of air mattresses. Let me tell you. And I second the sticky pad idea. They work great. Just put em along the wall. You'll have to avert your eyes as Bryce drowns it in the toilet afterwards though. It's more humane than just tossing them in the trash bin to starve to death. :) Great use of egress, by the way.