Monday, May 05, 2008

Long time, no blog

Let's see...what has happened in the last 3 weeks or so. Megan and Chad changed their wedding date - they are now getting married on June 18 (instead of August 26th). So that has accelerated the plans a bit. Mollie and I are having zero success finding anything to wear as bridesmaids despite extensive internet searches and driving all over Utah Valley. Chad and Megan are both living here in town for the summer.

Sawyer started crawling in the traditional manner about 2 days ago, but if he wants to get somewhere fast he will still revert to "the worm". "The worm" is what Bryce calls the way Sawyer has been crawling for the last 3 weeks. He pushes himself up on his arms and leaves his legs dragging behind him and then launches himself forward onto his chest and then repeats. It looks like someone trying to swim the butterfly stroke on the floor. He can now crawl up the two steps from the family room into the kitchen. He also goes from a crawl to sitting and back and can pull himself to a standing position. He is a happy little guy. I took him for him 9 month check-up last Tuesday. He is about 80th percentile for height and 10th for weight. He didn't cry at all even when they pricked his toe and gave him a shot. Bryce supposed it was because he is used to being beat on by Will. He is definitely more sensitive than Will though. He doesn't like loud noises and will cry if Will gets yelled at or if Will is being wild and screeches in his face. He likes to feed himself little pieces of anything you give him - It is so nice at this age when they aren't picky eaters and will just eat whatever you put in front of them.

Will got his first bicycle on Saturday. We were planning on getting it for his birthday, but since the weather warmed up Will has been having daily meltdowns because all the neighborhood kids are out riding bikes and he doesn't have one. He didn't even have a tricycle or anything so we gave in and got him one. We are an easy sell obviously. Bryce helped him pick out a little red and blue bike and we got him a Lightning McQueen helmet which he now wears for all dangerous activities such as eating dinner and watching cartoons. I thought he was a little young to grasp the whole pedaling, steering, braking concept, but I guess I was wrong because he is already pretty good. We let him go out for about an hour the night we got home with the bike and by the end he could pedal if you helped him get started and kind of knew how to steer. I tried to teach him how to brake, but he kept telling me "No Mom! Bicycles never stop!" When he woke up yesterday he came into our bedroom and wanted to go ride his bike. He kept saying "I need to keep practicing!" After lots of nagging, he went out for another hour or so yesterday and can now pedal on his own and brake hard enough to leave a skid mark on the sidewalk (which he then showed off to Mollie and her boyfriend - he's very proud of that skid mark). He looks like such a big boy riding his bike down the sidewalk!

I was using the computer the other day and Will wanted to use it because he needed to "do some work". I told him no and he yelled at me "No Mom! Go find Bryce or somethin!"

Mollie and the kids and I were at a bridal store looking for bridesmaid dresses. We were unsuccessful and as we were walking out through all the wedding dresses Will announced "I would like a little dress Mommy." A woman standing nearby responded "I had one just like him....(pause)...he's perfectly normal now though!"

As you can read by clicking on the link to Mollie's blog, Mollie ripped her pants when she was at my house the other day. When she left that day Will shouted "See you later Mollie! Don't rip your pants!" It has become his standard farewell now. Bryce left for work the other morning and Will said "Bye Daddy! Don't rip your pants." My cousin stopped in the other day and when she left Will shouted "Bye Lizzie! Don't rip your pants!" (which made even less sense since she was wearing a skirt). I guess it is good advice for anyone.

I can't remember if I previously posted this one...a few weeks ago Will had once again gotten out every toy he owned and scattered them around the family room. I told him that he needed to clean up and as usual he said "No!" I told him again and he said "I can't Mommy!" I said, "I'm pretty sure you can Will - you need to pick up these toys" and he replied "No I can't Mommy! It's in my story - Will can't pick up toys!" This only makes sense if you have ever seen the show Super Why in which fairy tale characters frequently lament that they cannot take certain courses of action because it says otherwise in their stories.

Will is officially done with bottles. He hasn't had one in about 3 weeks. When he gets upset, or hurts himself, or doesn't feel well he still asks for one though. Like yesterday in church when he just kept crying "I need a bottle....I'm a baby...Babies use bottles..." He never had a blanket or stuffed animal or something so it is his security item and it seems kind of harsh to just refuse it, but I have to take him to the dentist this week (an event which Will is inexplicably excited about) and I didn't want to have to tell the dentist that my almost 3 year-old still wanders around with a bottle hanging out of his mouth. Sawyer, however, is starting to drink pretty well out of a sippy cup so we are just going to skip bottles all together with him.

My camera memory cards are all full and I don't dare delete them because of an unfortunate incident involving all the pics of Will's first year of life being lost from the computer where they were saved prior to the last time I deleted pictures off of a memory card--so the result is that I don't really have pictures for this post. I did find this one recent picture though: This is how Will "plays" with Sawyer.


JoandDoug said...

Too funny Erin! Sophia has now added "or something" to the end of everything she says now. These silly kids and the things they learn from eachother!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you card carrying bar member you. What an accomplishment! I surely enjoy reading the cute blogs. I invision Will's voice in my mind coming up as he does with such clever things to say. Sounds like Sawyer is on his way to great exploration now that he's mastered the crawl. Keep on blogging. Robyn

mollie said...

this picture of sawyer is my favorite since he was born. just so you know.