Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rub a dub dub, 2 boys in the tub

The boys were having such a great time splashing in the tub this morning. It was one of those rare occasions when they actually seemed to both be having fun at the same time (usually it is Will having fun at Sawyer's expense).

Sawyer now pulls himself up on everything he can find. This drives Will absolutely crazy and whenever he sees Sawyer standing he has to run over and push him backwards.

My mom was supposed to fly in on June 7th in preparation for Megan's wedding. Instead she flew in yesterday night because my grandma had a stroke on Sunday morning. My grandma is doing better than would be expected for a 90 year-old who wasn't in very good health before the stroke. She has regained some movement in the right side of her body and responds to questions although she can't speak. She is supposed to be moved out of the hospital to a rehab center tomorrow. As my cousin said, I think she has 9 lives!

I got sworn into the Utah Supreme Court on Friday. I am now officially an attorney! Oh wait, no I'm not because I put my license on inactive status and they informed me that while on inactive status I can not even refer to myself as an attorney. I'm also not allowed to have a business card, letter head, sign letters as an attorney, or in any other way trick people into believing that I went to law school, passed the bar, and got sworn in. Oh wait, I did do all those things. Hmmmm. If you can't tell I am a little annoyed with the process. For the privilege of calling myself an attorney I would have to pay an extra $200 to be on "active status" on top of the $200 I already paid them for the privilege of not being able to call myself an attorney. So I am currently paying about $200 a year to not work as an attorney. Only lawyers would think of a system that requires you to either pay to use your license or pay not to use it!Here I am signing the roll for the Utah Supreme Court. (Actually it might have been the paper next to it, but you get the idea.)

Here I am not looking amused by the guy telling me that I'm not on "the list"...eventually we determined that I wasn't on the list because I wasn't supposed to be signing in for the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah because I am on "inactive status". We could have avoided this confusion if they had mentioned that that was what the "list" was for since I already knew I wasn't supposed to sign for that.

My matchy boys at the so-called reception after the signing in. No offense Utah Bar, but that reception was kind of a let down - about 100 square feet crammed full of people, half of whom were for the business convention going on at the same time, some punch that I declined to try after 3 people in a row took 1 sip and said "Eww, that is gross", and some store-bought unfrosted sugar cookies. Lawyers apparently are not trained to throw parties. My brother Kyle and sister Mollie also attended and suggested that we go to lunch afterwards. The signing-in was at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake so I suggested that we head back to Orem for lunch because I knew where things were down there and thought we might as well get back before rush hour started. This was an unfortunate idea since an accident occurred about 4 miles in front of us on I-15 and we spent over an hour just parked on the highway. It took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get from Salt Lake to Orem...with two tired, hungry kids in the car...3 if you count me! The whole thing ended up being a lot more effort than it was worth I'm afraid.

Will informed me the other day that if he "keeps eating lots of different foods he will be a grill (i.e. girl) some day." I told him I didn't think that was likely. Then he changed his mind and said that if he kept trying new foods he would be an octopus. Equally likely, but possibly more socially acceptable.

We were driving somewhere last week and Will was talking to himself in the back seat. It went something like this: "Nacho (Libre) eats tacos and he goes on the potty because he is a big boy. He does not wear diapers." At this point I don't really care who he chooses as a role model if he decides he is ready to start potty training.

Sawyer's first tooth poked through on Saturday. It was his bottom right tooth. Yesterday I noticed that the bottom left tooth has poked through just barely as well. He hasn't been particularly crabby except when it comes time for bed. The last three nights he has started screaming at about 10 and hasn't gone to sleep until 12:30. Hopefully the teething has something to do with it and it will soon go away.

The next month and a half are party central at my house. My mom's birthday is Thursday, mine is 10 days later, my brother Kyle's is the day after, then Father's Day, then Megan's wedding, then my 6th anniversary, then Will's 3rd birthday, then Sawyer's 1st birthday. All within about 7 weeks. Add to that the quarterly Enrichment activity (for the women at Church) that I'm in charge of, 2 wedding receptions, a bridal shower, a trip to Connecticut, and a family reunion in southern Utah and the summer will be more than half over before we know it!

Will is still bottle-free, but a week or so ago he hurt himself and wouldn't stop crying. To try to distract him I told him he could "have a drink out of the bottle" meaning the gatorade bottle on the table. He stopped crying and looked up at me all teary-eyed and said "a bottle?" and I said "well not a baby bottle, this juice bottle" and he took one look at it and burst into tears again. Poor guy. Who knew ditching the bottle would be so traumatic.


Dan and Marci said...

I thought my last two months were busy but nothing compared to yours! Happy non-attorneying. Not like that is a word or anything. Good luck with all your activities I hope you can stay sane :)

Mike & Lauren said...

WOW. Lots going on at your house! Congrats on all your accomplishments--active or inactive you have accomplished a lot!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope she continues to improve. Happy wedding, Enrichment, birthday, and everything else planning! Oh, and I can't believe how big Sawyer is already. Babies change so fast.

JoandDoug said...

I can't believe how busy you're going to be over the next few weeks! It makes me tired. Your boys are adorable. When we were in Wales last weekend Sophia kept asking when we were going to "Wills" or when Will was coming over. I think she was a little confused. Congrats on getting officially sworn in you unnofical attorney you. That's pretty funny. Good luck with everything!

crackie said...

Hey Erin - your boys are so cute! I didn't realize your birthday was in June either - I'm the 13th... June birthdays are the best. :)