Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yesterday while I was trying to clean out the coat closet, Will decided to help himself to the strawberries and kindly shared them with Sawyer as well. Needless to say they made a huge mess all over the kitchen floor. Sawyer is loving his two new teeth..."I can finally bite!"
He stole Will's strawberry so now he could have one in each hand.
Now Will is feeding Sawyer a piece that was stuck on his hand.
So happy!

The floor was so slippery with strawberry juice that Sawyer couldn't even crawl. I turned on the video after a couple faceplants on the floor. The video is sideways but you get the idea.
Want to buy a truck? Ours is for sale.
For Mom's birthday, Mollie & Megan performed a clarinet and flute medley of Mother's Day songs that Megan arranged.
Here's Mom blowing out the candles on her cake while sporting the cake hat Megan and Chad got her with cousin Liz in the background. Do we know how to party or what?

Bonus: Here is a video I just took of Will watching the video of Sawyer posted above. This was about the 4th time he played it. Every time he says "doop" is when Sawyer slips again.


Mike & Lauren said...

I can't believe how much Sawyer looks like you!!! Your boys are so different, even their coloring next to each other in their diapers. I love how kids enjoy the simplest things.


That video of Will is funny. A video, of a video. Nice. Happy birthday again. So Don has been gone three days and it feels like it has been a month. I still have 4 and a half days to go. I wish I lived there-Your partays look fun.

Kate said...

Hi Erin, hope you don't mind me lurkin'. I found your blog through Jessica's. Anyway, I just had to say that those videos are a RIOT! I can't imagine how sticky your floor must have been, but it looks like it was well worth it. :)


I am hoping to come up in you have any idea on the status of Grandma. Is there an upcoming funeral in the near future? That makes a trip sort of difficult to plan or predict.
Well on a cheerier note, did you get your hair cut???!! I saw a picture and it is very cute!

Melissa M. said...

Random question- Do you remember sitting by each other at church somewhere and sometime, and some old guy getting up there and waving a very small american flag at the pulpit? I am just trying to place the memory!