Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Now with bonus pictures at no extra cost

After scowling at the forecast all afternoon I decided that today was the last chance to go up the canyon. Unfortunately, the canyon didn't get the memo. Most of the trees still aren't at their peak, but since they are looking to get a good dousing of snow over the weekend it would seem that they may have missed their chance to show off this year.

We wandered around Sundance for a little while. I wanted a nice picture of the kids. I got several pictures of one child who could not hold still long enough to take a picture and several of another child who could not stop whining long enough for a picture. It was an exercise in photojournalism I suppose.

My parents were in town for the weekend. We managed to get my mom sick so it was a successful visit. That was her punishment for coming all the way here and only staying four days. We also got my brother sick. That was his punishment for asking if he could come do a load of laundry. No one has been sick at our house for over a week, but we seemed to be the common denominator.

I mopped the kitchen floor today. Sometimes I even impress myself.

Bonus pictures: Remember how I didn't have any pictures of our trip to Connecticut this summer because I thought I would be buying the fancy-dancy camera and as it turned out no one sold said fancy-dancy camera any more? Well wait no longer. I stole some pictures off of my dad's camera while they were here.The mountain laurel bush outside my parents' front door. Mountain laurel is the state flower of Connecticut. PS.

Somewhere near the Massachusetts/Connecticut border.

The Pinchot Sycamore = the biggest tree in Connecticut.

I told you it was big.

At the beach in Connecticut.

Sawyer got to meet both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans this summer.

I'm pretty sure he evolved from some other species.

On our 4th of July hike.


danielle said...

i love the picture of you with your two boys Erin - so perfect!

Kate said...

Erin, I LOVE your sense of humor. You seriously crack me up.

Those Conn. pictures make me homesick - a term I use loosely because I'm really from Lindon. But my mom is from Cape Cod and we used to spend three weeks each summer there. I'm trying to convince Chris to take our next summer vacation back east, but he's truly a SoCal dude. I don't know if anything will tempt him away from his San Diego surf.

Mike & Lauren said...

ALL those pictures are gorgeous!!! I love the wood wall behind you. And the CT pictures are amazing! I miss places where green things actually grow (and turn colors in the fall), although CT is much better at it than UT.

Tyler Bushman said...

Awesome pictures!

romanrobertaloftus said...

The east coast is so beautiful! Love the pictures!


wow. 6 comments. I am so jealous. You are like the most popular person AND have the most perfect children to top it off. I was thinking how very different CT looks than here...still 90 something freaking degrees. Scream!!!!!


P.S. Tell Bryce his shorts are very nice.

Aubri said...

Your pictures look awesome. They make me think that I need a new, rather expensive camera...but who doesn't? Your kids are so cute! Looks like you had fun on your trip!