Sunday, October 19, 2008

The week in review

We finally finished our fence! The first time I let Will loose in the back yard I gave him a big lecture about how he had to stay in the yard and not try to get out and not touch the gate. About 3 minutes after his release I didn't see him anywhere so I opened the back door and called for him. He came running back from the direction of the gate and I said "What were you doing over there?" and he said "Just messin' with the gate and tryin' to get out." So clearly our talk did a lot of good.
The other day he went out in the freezing cold to do this:

Personally I would prefer to read inside, but whatever.

Sawyer put himself down for a nap. Yes, that is an electrical cord next to his mouth. It is the plug to an overhead projector to be specific. I bet you don't have an old school overhead projector...and up until my parents drove here bringing a Toyota Sienna loaded with wonders from their basement neither did I. He wasn't sucking on the just happened to be near his face. I promise. If he had been sucking on it would I really take a picture?

We went to the pumpkin patch. We barely made the last wagon ride of the night after sitting around for half an hour threatening Will that if he did not pick up all his "monies" (i.e. about 3 dollars worth of pennies) that he had thrown all over the downstairs he would not get to go to the pumpkin patch. It is always more fun to try to find pumpkins in complete darkness.

Are all 3 year-olds incapable of looking at a camera and smiling normally at the same time? Mine is.

We tried this shot about 400 times and this is as good as it gets. Will was unhappy because some little boy was throwing handfuls of hay at us. He must have been a sad little orphan child as there were no parents around interested in claiming him or regulating his behavior...not even when Bryce asked "Hey! Please don't throw hay at us!" in a rather loud voice.

Yesterday we went to the outlets in Park City. Unfortunately, good deals were few and far between--unlike screaming children which were plentiful and always near at hand seeings as how they were my own children.

And now for a word from Will....

Will is into saying that he "likes" things and people. The other day he was sitting on the couch watching a cartoon when he said "Mom? I like you." I said "What was that Will?" and without taking his eyes off the screen he pointed at me in the kitchen and said "I like ya Mom. I like ya and I love ya." This was much more appreciated than last weekend when he yelled "Mom, you're an idiot!" at me 3 times.

Pretty much every day I have to open the front door to let Dora and Diego in to play with Will. Dora and Diego always want to get every single toy out of the closet and they never want to pick up. They also request large quantities of fruit snacks. (Dora and Diego are cartoon characters should you be lucky enough to not already know that.)

Everything was either "totally awesome" or "totally amazing" according to Will this week.

Sawyer spread his own excrement all over his crib on four separate occasions this week. That was not totally awesome.

PS: This is my very own unruly 3 year-old at his first trip to the pumpkin patch 2 years ago. How did that happen?



I really like that picture of the sunset. And if you stick your finger and leave a print on the lens you can get a nice warm and fuzzy effect...just fyi for next time.Do you want to come here and keep me company? Just wondering.

Tyler Bushman said...

The family picture is awesome! What a cute family.

Mike & Lauren said...

Yay for a fence! It looks great.

I love the sunset and family pics too. I just can't believe how big your boys are. Sawyer looks all toddler now and no more baby! Sorry about the crib messes--4 times is a lot! Hopefully he gets over that little habit soon. :)

crackie said...

That was a good laugh - you are hilarious!

ZAC said...

I love reading your stories. They are so funny! Especially the ones about the struggles you have (like me) of trying to get everyone to smile at the same time. Now I've determined I don't care for it. Give me a whiner and a cryer and I'll give you an awesome wedding photo display 20 years down the road. And you'lve inspired me to read "the giver" a book that has been collecting dust for at least over 5 years in my possession.