Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In some ways maybe he does take after me after all

Bryce will probably tell you that in my house you are subject to interrogation. At all times. And anything you say can (and probably will) be used against you at any future time. Will is becoming pretty skilled in the art of cross-examination as well. Today he asked me to play Cooties with him. I told him we would play while Sawyer took his nap. A few hours later, Sawyer was asleep and Will and I were playing Cooties.
Will: Mom, did you buy me Cooties for Christmas?
Me: Umm...did you get Cooties for Christmas? (not remembering when he got it)
Will: Yes.
Me: I guess Santa brought it for you.
Will: You and Dad bought Cooties at Wal-Mart.
Me: (suddenly remembering that we bought Cooties at Wal-Mart shortly before Christmas while he was with us) Hmmm did we?
Will: So you bought it at Wal-Mart and then you took it to Santa and gave it to him and then he brought it to me on Christmas?
Me: --silence--
Will: So where does Santa live?
Me: --long pause-- Oh, I think Mom and Dad bought Cooties for you and then Santa brought you the rest of your presents.
Will: So you did buy Cooties for me for Christmas?

I am beginning to be seriously frightened by the thought of his teenage years.

He also spent an entire afternoon last week trying to convince me that he "knows it isn't really his birthday" but he "wants to pretend that it is his birthday" so can I please "make him a cake, go to the store and buy decorations and party hats, let him blow out candles, and open presents?" I think the funniest part of his plea is that it had to include party hats...because goodness knows it isn't a party without party hats.

Will's favorite threat for months has been that he won't invite you to his birthday party. Over the past few weeks he has moved to a new threat. Now I am told multiple times every day that if I don't do what he wants I "won't be his best friend any more."

Ten days ago Sawyer decided that he could say "Will." It is awfully cute. I put him to bed at night and he bangs on his bedroom wall and yells "Will....Wiiiiiilllllll....Wiiiilllll!" In fact, he has suddenly decided that he can say lots of things. These days we also hear "juice, milk, drink, treat, shoe, sock, mess, stink, wipe, potty, Mollie, Meggy, buckle, bottle, walk, Pop Tart, fruit snack, chip, dip, water, and choc (for chocolate). So clearly he knows all the important words. He also says "Daddy juice" which refers to Dr. Pepper. I guess he decided that he has kept his opinions to himself long enough.

I'm too lazy to go get my photo card and load all my pictures right now so I will catch up on the rest of the last couple weeks later.


Jungle Mama said...

The funniest thing about your blog, Erin, is that I can hear your voice in my head while I'm reading, as if you are sitting here telling me a story. You're the only person that happens with. I wonder why that is?

Now I sound like a creepy stalker.

ottspot said...

Oh sorry...that is probably kind of obnoxious! :-)

And who hasn't always wanted their own creepy stalker?

Hope you guys are settling in to your temporary housing - we've decided (at this point anyway) not to do anything until we'll get to see you when you get back here!

M.M.M. said...

stop bragging about how smart your children are.

Mine is smarter, okay.

ps I was very confused at first about buying cooties. I thought those were free. And imaginary. Although I sometimes use that as an excuse with Don. He doesn't know they are imaginary yet.
The End.