Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas.

cookie truffles

I've never made these before, but they are a winner in my book.
Front to back:
Nutter butter truffles dipped in chocolate
Mint Oreo truffles dipped in creme de menthe coating
Oreo truffles dipped in white chocolate
Golden Oreo truffles dipped in cherry coating

Take 1 pack of sandwich cookies and stick them in a food processor until you have crumbs. Mix crumbs with 1 pack of cream cheese. Roll into balls and chill. Dip in melted chocolate or candy coating. Keep chilled.


megan said...

i want some of those!

Mike &; Lauren said...

So beautiful and festive! I'm impressed Erin! I have had these before... long ago... they seem vaguely familiar... I will have to try them!

Kate said...

Mmmm ...

Aubri said...

These were good...great job!