Thursday, December 31, 2009

To review

2000-Dec. 31, 2009:

- Y2K...that was anticlimactic.
- 2000: Graduated from Cromwell High
- June 2002: Got married. New last name acquired.

- January 2003: Had benign bone tumor removed from jaw after confusing multiple dentists.
- April 2004: Graduated from BYU. Major: English
- July 2005: Had a baby boy. Nurses called him the "Miracle Baby" - We call him Will.
- July 2005: Bought our first house and moved out of the trailer park.
- April 2007: Graduated from BYU Law. GPA: no clue, grades still in the filing cabinet, still not looking.
- July 2007: Had another baby boy. Wanted in on Will's bday festivities and arrived 3 weeks early = no bar exam for me. Welcome Sawyer!
- February 2008: Took and passed Bar Exam. Hallelujah!
- May 2008: Sworn in - Officially a member of the Utah State Bar.
- October 2008: Started a very small secret shopping business for the BYU Bookstore
- June 2008 - December 2009: Stayed home with 2 boys and recovered from all of the above (okay, the last year and a half have been pretty uneventful!).

- Got a new president. Got tickets to the inauguration. Gave them to my brother who went but got stuck in the tunnel of doom.
- Celebrated Sawyer's 2nd birthday and Will's 4th birthday.
- Sawyer started really talking.
- Will started reading and spelling.
- Went to Connecticut and attended Kyle's wedding.
- Went to Texas.
- Went to Idaho for the first time since the ill-fated Christmas 2008 trip.
- Read a lot of books. Did some craft projects, started even more projects that I haven't finished. Started and almost finished the mural in Will's room that was supposed to be completed before Sawyer was born. Learned to bake bread and make that Thai green curry dish Bryce likes. Taught Will to ride his bike without training wheels. Did my church thing (and enjoyed it!). Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Turned 27. Did the daily stuff you do most days and then you add them up and a year has gone by!

- My firstborn starts preschool and then kindergarten.
- If my husband prevails we'll buy a new house. I don't want a new house. We shall see.
- Mollie graduates and goes who knows where for graduate school...taking my only in-state family and free babysitter with her.
- My 10-year High School reunion.
- My hubby turns 30! Let the party planning begin.
- Bryce and I have a one-time window of opportunity to leave the country without children. We'll see.
- Another great big we'll see.

By the end of this decade:

- Maybe we won't live in Utah. If Bryce and I can ever agree on anywhere else to go.
- There will be a teenager in the house! Aaahh!
- Not only will my firstborn have survived kindergarten, he'll be in high school! I need to go work on our college fund now...and finish painting his room.
- I'll be planning Bryce's 40th birthday party. I guess that would make us officially grown-ups.
- Who knows! Let's make it a happy decade, shall we?

This Decade In Memoriam:

September 11, 2001

2001 Not pictured:
Brittney McMurdie

Sarah E. LeFoll

Allison S. Morris

Ilene Adelaide Hunt Hurst

Dr. Gregory Gordon

Prof. Michael Goldsmith


Kate said...

I'll be your new free babysitter! Seriously, send them over any time. Carter would be in heaven.

(In fact, we had talked about calling Will tomorrow. Will you guys be around?)

Anonymous said...

You probably already know this, and may have even told me, but I was just reading this month's Ensign and Allison Morris' husband was featured in the article on widows and widowers. I thought the story sounded familiar so I checked your blog to find out the name of the guy you knew from law school and it was the same one.

Nana "D" said...

Why is Sarah's picture on your page? Just curious. Were you a friend of hers? I'm Sarah's Nana. that picture was taken in my house on her birthday.

ottspot said...

Hi- Sarah and I went to church together. We were friends since we were little and often mistaken for twins when we were older. My maiden name was Erin Dickerson. I miss her as I'm sure you do!