Thursday, January 21, 2010

Instant portraitization

Santa brought me a netbook for Christmas. It can boot either in Windows or Macintosh. I have never spent much time on a Mac so I haven't learned how to do much with it yet. But it does have a photo booth feature. And the netbook has a built in camera and flash. So now when I feel a need to take my own picture I don't even have to go find a camera. It also takes video. I'm all set to launch a skanky website. The boys think it is hilarious. I think they could amuse themselves for hours just taking pictures of themselves and seeing them show up on the screen.


Amanda said...

My kids actually do amuse themselves for hours playing with photo booth on our Mac. It's pretty hilarious to go back through the pictures and see their personalities in them (we are usually not in the same room when they do this, so they are not concerned with how we would react to what they are doing). :)

M.M.M. said...

I got some comment from some random person who told me to read his book. Just checking to see if he said your blog was interesting too.

Bryce said...

Make sure you send me the link when you get that website up :).