Monday, April 05, 2010

There goes Peter Cottontail

We had a week of Easter fun. We started with the egg hunt at the church. Will was very particular about choosing his 6 eggs. Sawyer was not happy that he had to stop at 6 eggs.

Then the boys got Easter baskets in the mail from Grandma. Complete with money-eggs!

The day before Easter we dyed eggs. The kids were not happy that I only had a dozen. But really how many hard-boiled eggs can one possibly use?

This year Easter fell on Conference Sunday (twice yearly televised meeting for all Latter-day Saints worldwide - takes place in Salt Lake City) so we had a casual day at home watching the meeting on tv. In between the morning and afternoon sessions we went for a drive and what do you know the Easter bunny came to our house while we were gone. Will was most excited about getting a long coveted Bakugan action figure in his basket. Sawyer was most excited about his binky that the Easter bunny found in the house and put in his basket. It had been missing for days.
For future reference, it is Mollie (a.k.a. the Easter bunny) in the picture above.

We finished off the festivities with Easter dinner. Why can't ham come in 2 lb. portions?

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