Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aunt Mollie, Your Guilt Trip is Ready

We put the boys to bed last night relatively peacefully. After about 10 minutes I heard Will sobbing. He wouldn't respond to me until he finally said he wanted me to come upstairs so he "could tell me something." When I went upstairs he was crying in bed for the following reason: (of course this is a good 5 minutes into his fit when I went and got the camera)

[And since there won't be a video when I print my blog - he is sobbing because he misses Aunt Mollie and wants her to come back because she is his favorite babysitter.]


Anonymous said...

Paul finds this video enthralling. He came running over to watch when he heard the crying. Some kind of preschooler empathy going on, I guess. Too bad we can't switch Paul for Will cuz he won't have anything to do with Mollie no matter how hard she tries.

mollie said...

saddest. thing. ever.