Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bath talk

Just overheard the following from the tub:

Will (to Sawyer): Why do you like that? (A McDonald's Barbie mermaid - which Will was playing with equally I might add.) You're not a grill! (aka 'girl') Don't you want to love a grill? You've got to be popular. Then you can love a grill. Like go to concerts and sing and stuff and then you're popular and get a grillfriend.

Mom: What are you talking about in there Will?

Will: Popular. If you're popular then a grill might come up to you and say "Do you want to get married?"



mollie said...

... who are that kid's friends???

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be quite as amusing if he could actually say "girl". I think it would be nice to have a grillfriend.

Kate said...

Oh my. Your boys are so stinking funny!

M.M.M. said...

So I see he has been watching one too many Disney Chanel made for tv movies. How do you spell chanel? That doesn't look right.