Monday, November 08, 2010

Double the birthday boys

I fully plan on having a joint birthday party for the boys for as long as I can get away with it. We still do cake/presents/dinner for each of them on their own day, but the joint party is great. Especially since so many of our friends conveniently have kids the same ages as ours. So the guest lists would all be drawn from the same families anyways.

This year Will's birthday was the same day as Bryce's family reunion down in southern Utah. We brought the celebration on the road. I brought a box of supplies and made his cake down there and then he spent his birthday getting very, very dirty while playing with semi-cousins (second cousins?...1st cousins-once-removed? I get those confused).

I think Sawyer has rage issues. And *I* do not put his socks like that.

Some of the girls wanted to perform a musical number but were stalled by stage fright. Will stepped up and did some kind of impromptu dance solo instead.

When exhaustion was imminent we went back to Bryce's grandparents' house and sang and had cake and opened presents.

I think this is the last picture of Sawyer with a binky before it "got lost" (again...but this time for good.)

We got him a bigger bike for his birthday so we had it sitting out on the deck. The best part was when we told him to look on the deck and he ran right past the bike to an old Christmas decoration that was sitting in the corner.

The next day we headed home and got ready for Sawyer's birthday.

The boys both had very specific cake requests this year and I tried my best to honor them. Will wanted a cake that on the inside was "all the colors of the rainbow" and had "chocolate frosting with Fruity Pebbles and Batman on top."

Sawyer wanted a "pink cake with pink frosting and doggies on top."

Sawyer with his favorite present - a box of Rafaello chocolates. Those didn't make it past morning.

Their party had a (very loose) beach theme. They played in the pool and on the slip-n-slide and ran around like crazy things while the parents talked and ate...which makes for a successful party if you ask me. Of course I was running around crazy and didn't take a single picture. I made a sand castle cake using different-sized cake towers and sugar cones with everything coated in a vanilla cookie crumbles/brown sugar mixture. It was a really easy cake. Too bad I didn't take a picture to impress you all.

Yes, their birthdays were in July. Yes, it is now November. That's just how things go sometimes.


Amanda said...

Didn't you learn cousin degrees in Wills? I think I did, but can't remember. I envy the joint b-day party. I don't know if that will ever fly in our house!

Lauren said...

I love the rainbow cake! That is awesome! You always have something fun up your sleeve. The sandcastle cake really 'took the cake' though... :) Wish i took a picture too.

Anonymous said...

You and Melissa are first cousins. Will and Chloe are second cousins. Chloe is your first cousin once removed. Got it?

M.M.M. said...

I love the socks. And I love the pink cake. I am still laughing.
PS I feel honored my name made the comment section.
Feel free to leave anonymous compliments as well.