Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Then it was August.

We spent August pretending it was not the last month before the public school system would take over our lives for the next several decades.

We spent a weekend in Salt Lake and took the boys to a movie and played in the fountains at the Gateway. The fountains were great fun until someone got knocked down and someone else thought it would be a great idea to kneel on the ground and look down into one of the holes the water sprays out of...right before it sprayed out of it.

We also met up with Uncle Michael who was in town for a wedding.

The boys played in a summer rainstorm and I played with my new camera lens.

Sawyer got this little red wiggle car for Christmas the year we went to Idaho. He propels it with his feet rather than wiggling the handle. He has put many, many miles on it and destroyed more than a couple pairs of shoes in the process. He can get that thing going really fast!

Will has the prettiest eyes. They are green and blue and yellow and brown and look different from day to day. Bryce's are the same way.

Next stop: school!

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