Monday, August 22, 2011

You're only a day away

Just heard from the hospital and we are scheduled to meet baby girl tomorrow morning at 7:30. Which means I have to have my showered self at the hospital by 5:30. Officially the world's lamest way to have a baby...but I suppose we'll keep her anyways.

If I haven't mentioned it enough times to anyone within earshot yet, I really, truly did not ever think I would have this baby on the 23rd of August. With my first baby being 10 days early and my second clocking in 22 days early I was very, very confident this baby would choose her own arrival date as well. But she seems content to just hang around in utero forever.

I'm not sure the boys believe us that she will be here tomorrow - or maybe they are just really unimpressed with the idea. They know that the doctors will "cut Mom's tummy open and take out the baby and then staple it up again" and they are entirely unconcerned about the idea. I don't think they have a total grip on the situation though because Will keeps saying that the baby will come out and then I will go to the hospital for a few days to get better while the baby stays home. We keep trying to explain that the baby will come out at the hospital and then Mom and the baby will stay at the hospital. It will be fun to see their reactions tomorrow when they actually see her. The boys had dentist appointments a couple weeks ago and the dentist asked Sawyer if he was going to have a baby sister soon and he replied "Well...maybe...she's been in there a long time!" I think he was beginning to doubt the whole thing. And I can't really blame him since he has been hearing about the baby since February, and seven months is basically as much of his own existence as he can remember.

Here's to an early morning!

Oh...did I never really mention I was pregnant? That is because I am still hoping to get around to adding pictures to all the posts sitting in my drafts section. Also, Will started 1st grade today and once I post about his first day of kindergarten I will be sure and get a post up about his first day of this school year as well. This is the kind of thing that happens when I'm pregnant.


rsctt said...

Congratulations! we are new grandparents as about the same time, new phases for all of us,,

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