Sunday, July 23, 2006

Camping and other firsts

We took Will on his first camping trip this weekend. I enjoyed actually being able to sit in the passenger seat instead of in the back now that Will can face forward. Will enjoyed wearing my sunglasses (see pic). We drove up into the Uintas and finally found a place off in the woods because all of the "improved" camping facilities were full. It was a nice spot except for the mosquitoes and drunkards who pulled in next to us and blasted their music all night while becoming progressively more drunk and more loud and obnoxious. Will didn't seem to mind, however, he went right to sleep and was the last one up in the morning (I'm not sure that has ever happened before). He seemed to particularly enjoy staring at the campfire, but was frustrated that I wouldn't let him get down and crawl around in the dirt. He liked playing in the tent (see pic)...until he realized I wasn't in there with him (see other pic!). I think he will turn out to be a little outdoorsman because he was fascinated by everything he saw and didn't even mind the cold weather at night.

On Saturday we took Will to the city pool for his first swimming trip. We didn't bring the camera since we wouldn't have anywhere to put it, but I wish I had some pictures because he loved it. They had a kids' area which gradually sloped downward to a maximum depth of about 2 feet and had fountains and slides and things. Will kept crawling straight into the deeper water until it was over his mouth at which point I would pluck him out and he would scream in frustration because he wanted down. The whole not being able to breath part didn't seem to bother him. He was also busy making friends and would head straight for the nearest kid or grown-up and give his usual greeting: an ear-piercing shriek that scares other small children. After a while in the kid pool we took him over to the big pool. We would pass him back and forth between us so that he could "swim" and he loved it. As soon as one of us grabbed him he would turn around and stretch out the other direction ready to go again. If we tried to just hold him he would kick and push to get away. When I held him up by his belly he would move his arms and legs like he was trying to crawl and seemed frustrated that he wasn't going anywhere. He seemed to think we were spoiling all the fun by not letting go of him. He is definitely not a shy child!

At church today he was wild as always. Bryce brought him to me in the nursery for the last hour where he terrorized the three year-olds by snatching their snacks whenever I put him down and stuffing them in his mouth until one little boy screamed "Get that baby away from me!"

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