Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sugar Fiend

Today Will got into the candy jar. This is not unusual. In fact he does it multiple time every day. Usually he is mostly interested in the lid to the jar which he carries off somewhere whenever he gets the chance. Sometimes he empties out the contents of stale candy and throws them around the living room. Today, however, he discovered that the contents of the candy jar are (at least to some degree) edible. I was loading the dishwasher when I heard him pull the lid off of the jar in the other room. Then all was quiet for a minute or two. I went to see what he was up to and discovered him happily chewing on the end of a sour gummy worm. When I tried to take it away he turned into devil child - screaming with huge eyes and his mouth wide open and both arms thrown up in the air. So I let him have it for a while longer while I got the camera. (Yes, I know I'm setting an excellent precedent here.) Thus, today's pics are of Will emptying the candy jar...and even standing up by himself in one. {PS: He's not wearing clothes because I had just finished giving him a bath....ok he doesn't wear clothes all the time anyways, but that was the reason for this particular moment} I was rather impressed with the progress he made on the gummy worm-- I wouldn't have thought it was possible to eat one just by sucking on it.

I turned on some music this morning and Will did his little dance routine where he sits on his knees and then kind of bops up and down with his arms up. He only does it to the first song on my mix CD which is odd because it is "Angels Among Us"...not exactly a get up and move kind of song. He sometimes does it to the music on commercials too. I tried to get some video of it, but by the time I got the camcorder out he had moved on to ripping pages out of a Reader's Digest.

Today all Will would eat was graham crackers. Apple sauce? No. Bread with cheese melted on it? No. Drink of water? No. Everything else I tried? No. Only graham crackers. He acted so disgusted everytime I tried to give him something else. He would stick out his tongue, clench his mouth shut, close his eyes, and shake his head violently back and forth while hitting at me with both arms. He acts like I'm trying to poison him with apple sauce...which he usually loves.

I've been trying to get him to drink out of a sippy cup, but he shows no interest. I have purchased 2 different kinds of sippy cups and they are the only things I have ever come across that he won't put in his mouth. Bryce's cousin's stepbrother's wife (got that?) recommended taking off the no-spill valve until Will figures out that the liquid comes out and then learns to suck on it so I've tried that the last 2 days. He still has no interest in drinking out of the cup, but does highly enjoy dumping out all the water on his highchair tray.

Yesterday night we took Will to an Orem Owlz baseball game with the neighbors. I don't think he noticed there was a baseball game going on. We sat on the grass hill by third base and he spent the whole evening crawling up and down the hill. Dad let him have some popcorn which he enjoyed. All in all it was much better than the last (and only other) Owlz game we went to when we had free "premium seat" tickets from Bryce's work and spent the whole game trying to keep a hold of Will.

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