Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Instant Replay

So I somehow managed to NOT take any pictures of Will eating his birthday cake. I'd been taking pictures all day and at cake time Bryce had the video camera out and for some reason it didn't occur to me that he wasn't taking pictures with the video camera. So we had no other option than to let him re-do the whole birthday cake thing yesterday night (he didn't seem to mind). The second time looked pretty much identical to the first, although he seemed sort of overwhelmed with the idea of stuffing his face with cake two nights in a row (see pic). Cleanup required TWO tubs of water because there was chocolate everywhere, including up his nose and in his ears. Yum.

--> Will: lover of the written's delicious.

--> Who could resist that?! Will at the submarine base wrapped up in Mollie's sweatshirt because it was freezing.

Will is currently passed out on the carpet with a bottle in the family room. This is his version of a nap- we take what we can get with him. Napping is not his strong point. Too much to do!

I had Will upstairs today while I talked on the phone and he discovered that there was air coming up out of the floor vents. He kept opening his mouth wide and then lowering his head over the vent and smacking his lips like he was eating the cold air. He also spent quite a bit of time today trying to eat my toes. I was barefoot and he kept trying to suck on my toes and when I moved them away he would laugh hysterically and come crawling over and do it again. Repeated about 500 times. He certainly has a weird sense of humor.

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