Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nearing the end

I am very pleased to say that I graduate from law school next Friday. I finished my Advanced Negotiation paper today and turned in my Substantial Writing paper last week so the only thing to finish is my take home Alternative Dispute Resolution final which I can hopefully get done by Saturday. I think Will is also pleased that I am almost done. When I am on my laptop he says "All done! Close!" and tries to close my laptop. As we speak he just got in trouble for trying to color on my laptop with a crayon--when I took it away he stuck out his tongue and said "Oh Brother!" --> a new expression he learned from Grandma. He has been kind of a pill all day. I think he has teeth coming in and he has been awfully whiny. He is also suffering from withdrawals since my Mom went down to southern Utah for a few days so he hasn't had a constant audience to dote on him.

Will is very into logos. He picks them out when we drive around town, on junkmail, when I'm online, and on commercials. So far he recognizes: Geico, Comcast, Pizza Hut, Walmart, Macys, Applebees, Best Buy, McDonalds, Arbys, Xbox, Einstein (as in Baby Einstein), Credit Card (which he says whenever he sees a Discover, Visa, Wells Fargo, or Utah Community Credit Union logo), Sprint, Google (which is always followed by "Aunt Michael"-- he doesn't say Uncle), BYU (which is always followed by "Aunt Mollie"), Hurley, Black Hat, Doba (where Daddy works), Borders, AT&T, and that is all I can think of for now. His main source of information is junk mail because he thinks it is very important that he be the one to get the mail everyday and then he studies the junk mail and makes me read it to him. All very important correspondence.

<-- Pic from sometime last summer/fall of Will and Daddy wearing their matching Black Hat t-shirts.

Will is also very into dancing. He has to dance whenever there is music on the radio, on a commercial, in a movie, whatever. He also dances to the sound of the washer and dryer and to our cell phone rings. His dancing is hilarious. He shakes his rear end and bops his head up and down. He especially loves to dance if he has an audience. This child will do anything for an audience. Like wear a bucket on his head. When Will sees a camera he says "Smile! Cheese!" and strikes a pose. Then after you take the picture he immediately runs over to check himself out on the display screen. Usually he then announces "Cute!" which sounds like "Coot!"
This picture is from when Aunt Megan was left in charge of doing Will's hair. Megan was here for a few days after BYU-Idaho finished their semester ridiculously early (before Easter) and before she flew home to Connecticut.

This picture is from when Will and I went home for Mollie and Megan's high school graduation about 1 month before Will's first birthday. He liked to smear his nose down the entire length of the glass door in the front of the house.

As far as Baby #2 goes: I had a check-up yesterday and set my c-section date for August 6th. However, if this one is anything like his older brother he will have other plans and will arrive whenever he pleases.

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