Thursday, September 04, 2008

Attention Walmart Shoppers

Just got back from Walmart where I picked up 13 little boy shirts and 8 pairs of little boy shorts for $21 plus tax. All of the boys summer Garanimal brands shirts and shorts rang up at $1 a piece. Considering how Will treats his clothes, $1 an item is about what I prefer to spend on them! Whatever your feeling about the super-duper-mega-run-mom-and-pop-out-of-business-chain store, you really can't beat the prices. And since I'm lame and clearly don't do very exciting things, finding $1 clothes to keep my kids decent next summer makes me kind of happy.



Erin-go to this blog, is this real??? This girl commented on seriouslysoblessed-I think she might think the Tamn blog is real??!!

Janie and Lyle said...

I do hate Wal-mart, but ya gotta love their prices! I have a love/hate relationship with them..