Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visions of his teenage years?

Will: Mom, will you pick me up?
(Mom picks him up. Will lays head on Mom's shoulder.)
Will: Mom, I got Smarties and ate them in my oven so you wouldn't see me.
(Mom looks over and sees play oven (i.e. tricked out cardboard box) full of empty candy wrappers.)
(Mom puts Will in time out and tries to ignore him and avoid eye contact.)
Will: Mom! I was looking right at you and sticking my tongue out!
Will: Mom, I will play you a beautiful song on the piano.
(Will begins banging on piano keys.)
Will (Singing): Chhrrriiissstttmaaasss. I want everything. I just can't wait. (Repeated over and over again.)
Will (as he is being forcibly hauled to bed): I'm in charge. I'M IN CHARGE.
Will: Dad, don't touch my lamp.
Mom: Will, that isn't very nice. Daddy gave us the money to buy that lamp for you.
(Dad touches lamp again.)
Will: Dad that isn't very nice.
Dad: What isn't nice Will?
Will: Touching other people's lamps.


romanrobertaloftus said...

My favorite one is the Christmas song. You should have recorded it... That's too funny!


You might never want to see us again, but we are coming to UT Sep. 24th- ? For Don's bro's wedding.


We don't know where we are staying-we have several different options. Thanks for inviting us, I think the 3 of us might be a little much for you to take! But, I say we figure out a time to get together without the kids, if planned with kids, we will do nothing but pull our hair out. Let's go to Brick Oven again! just kidding.

Janie and Lyle said...

The thought of "I'll pay for my raising" scares as a teen--that's scary maybe we'll ship off our children to boarding school between the ages of 12 and 18....jk! maybe....