Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For our first contestant...

A quiz for my loyal reader(s?):

When I went to bed at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning I stopped as I usually do to make sure the boys were snugly tucked in for the night. When I peaked at Sawyer I could see that he was indeed blanketless, but in the dim light I couldn't tell which end of him was which. I reached down to find his head in the darkness and instead found a sticky puddle of:
A. melted popsicle
B. yogurt
C. vomit

Correct! The answer is C. vomit.

Today Sawyer slept for 19 of the last 22 hours. Then he perked up and asked for some food saying "Eh?" which is his word for everything. I fed him a container of yogurt and immediately upon finishing he:
A. grinned and clapped his hands
B. said his first words - "Thank you Mom, you are wonderful"
C. vomited

Correct! The answer is C. vomited.

After bathing Sawyer, I tried unsuccessfully to get him to go back to sleep. Meanwhile Will ate dinner and had a bath because he was jealous that Sawyer got one and he didn't. While I dealt with a no-longer tired but exceptionally whiny baby, Bryce put Will to bed. Two hours later we heard screaming and went up to find Will covered with:
A. liquid gold
B. magical fairy dust
C. vomit

Correct! The answer is, once again, C. vomit.

After changing sheets, having another bath, and getting Will put back to bed we had barely had time to sit down again when we heard more crying. We went up to find a very distraught Will trying to inform us through his tears that he had:
A. "won the lottery"
B. "vomited"
C. "pooped"

Gotcha there. The answer is C. "pooped" -- now things are really getting awesome.

We assured Will that he was not in trouble, got him cleaned up again, and put him back to bed. Sawyer finally fell asleep and was moved to his crib. Almost immediately afterward we heard more crying and went up to find Will sobbing while dutifully using a garbage can to catch:
A. butterflies
B. salmon
C. vomit

Correct! The answer is C. more vomit.

This is going to be a great day. There better be a bonus in my paycheck.


Anonymous said...

I guess you know now why Sawyer was sleeping so much yesterday. Aren't you glad to know if was because of something as mundane as a GI bug.

I think we may have to quarantine your family at the cabin. I haven't forgotten what happened to me last time I spent a couple of days at your house. It was much like what you have just described with Will and Sawyer. Isn't Motherhood great?!


Okay. So I basically rocked at that quiz. My personal favorites: "Liquid gold, fairy dust, butterflies." It does sound quite delightful! Anyway, that was really, really funny. Probably not for you...but who cares. (just joking, I thought I needed to add that)

Jensen's said...

Ditto to Melissa's comment... hilarious! But no fun for you!!! What a mean bug you've caught! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Aubri said...

Oh, I'm so so sorry! Hang in there!

Travis and Aryn said...

Yuck! That sounds like the fun stuff we have had in our house - yours sounds a lot worse though! Hopefully it ends soon!

Kami said...

oh man that sucks big time! Hang in there! FYI, Cooper woke up at 3am last night throwing up but has been fine ever since. I wonder if they all got it at Nursery last sunday? :)

romanrobertaloftus said...

You have to look at the bright side of the story: Can you imagine if you were living during pioneer days, and you would have to do all your laundry by hand... On those days, I'm really grateful for my washer and dryer!!
I love your sense of humor!!


I am bored. And once again I come here looking for entertainment and find myself sorely disappointed. Please try harder.