Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Should I be concerned?

We were driving somewhere the other day when Will said:
"Dad, where is that place we went to meet the ladies?"

Dad: "Uhhh...the bakery that we stopped at after your swimming lesson the other day where you got a treat?" (nice try Dad)
Will: "Nooo...the place we met the ladies."
Dad: "I don't know Will."
Will: "Oh! I know! It was on Geneva!"
Mom: "Will, has Dad been using you to catch girls?"
Will: "Yes."
Dad: "Are you my wing man Will?"
Will: "No, I am not a wing man, you are a wing man."
Dad: "How many ladies did we get Will?"
Will (counts on fingers): "1...2....3...! Ten ladies!"


This was followed a few minutes later by "Mom and Dad? I know an angry animal....a chinchilla!"


Same car ride:
Mom: "Sawyer, what does a doggy say?"
Will (immediately): "Woof! Woof! Woof!"
Dad: "Will, let's let Sawyer try to answer this time ok?"
Mom: "Sawyer, what does a doggy say?"
Will (immediately): "He doesn't know. He's not really a smart guy."

Ahhh brotherly love.

The other day I could not get Will to stop watching t.v. in my room. I'd make him come downstairs and every time I turned around he had gone back up there and turned on the t.v. again. After about the tenth time I figured out how to switch our dish network to single receiver mode and then turn the whole thing off from downstairs. I waited for the screaming to begin. Instead I heard Will get up and walk down the stairs. He came and found me in the office and said "Mom? I decided not to watch t.v. anymore."

Way to spin that one kid.


Janie and Lyle said... that story, Erin! Sounds like Bryce is still a playa after all these years...and spreading it to Sawyer before it's too late!!!!

*Brett and Lacey* said...

Erin, will is so dang funny! I love to read your blog!

romanrobertaloftus said...

Will is too cute! And super smart!