Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What they're saying

Will: Mom, it wasn't nice for you to call the children annoying!
Me: Who did I call annoying?
Will: Us!
Me: Did I say you were being annoying?
Will: Yes!
Me: Well were you?
Will: Yes! I emptied out all the toys.

Will insisted on getting in the shower with me yesterday even though I told him I was turning the water off in 10 seconds, which I did. He played around in the empty tub for a while and then walked in to the office, naked, with his hands on his hips and announced:
"Mo-om! Uh! Apparently, I don't have any clean underwear!"

Will: Can we go to a restaurant and get something to eat? I'm so hungry. (repeat about 1 million times)
Dad: Maybe we can stop somewhere after we go to the store Will.
Will (in his squeaky, scratchy, sleepy voice): Maybe somewhere with a toy?

Those 3 are from yesterday.

The other day I told him it was time for bed about 10 times, and, as usual, he pretended he didn't hear me.
Me: Will, it is time to go up to bed.
Will: Uuuuhh! You're being annoying Mom! (I love how his vocabulary is used against me.)

Also last week I told him he needed to pick up toys, and, as usual, he ignored me.
Me: Will, if you don't clean up the toys I will have to take them away and you won't be able to play with them any more.
Will: Mom, you're making me stressed.

I hear some variation of this on a daily basis:
Will: Mom! If you don't give me a piece of candy RIGHT NOW, you will be in time-out! You will get a spanking! It is NOT NICE to not give me a candy. Uhh!

Sawyer says: Mama, Dada, Bo (means ball, balloon, anything ball shaped), Woof Woof, Ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh (monkey noise), and Buh-Bo (football). Repeated "Will" a couple times yesterday. Also says "Mo" which seems to mean "more" as in "I want more food/candy/drink"


Anonymous said...

Very bad idea to let a child that can talk get in the shower with you. You have no clue what he may decide to tell people afterwards.

Mike & Lauren said...

Will's words have always crackea me up. He's so grown up. Maddie is starting to talk in full sentences and she is already a little sassy! :)

Congrats to Sawyer! I can't seem to picture him much older than a crawling baby... probably because that's how I saw him last.

Aubri said...

Can Will come play at our house? Seriously, I need a good laugh! That kid is hilarious!

*Brett and Lacey* said...

Will is so dang funny! I had a good laugh! Thanks!

Janie and Lyle said...

LOL....I can't wait to meet your sweet (and very verbose) boys. Hope to see ya this weekend!