Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Curse of the Dickersons strikes again

Also known as Dickerson motto #4: "Dare to hope...prepare to be disappointed."

Due to unknown problems...but mostly lots and lots and lots of people,

These guys:

Didn't get to see this guy:

Or any of this actually:

Because they were stuck 3 blocks behind the Capitol building with nary a loudspeaker nor jumbotron in sight in the midst of a human blockade pushing everyone into the person in front of them with no where to go. Someone took the whole "an inauguration for the masses" theme a little too far. They join the lots of other ticket-holders who didn't get anywhere near the actual thing. To make things extra fun all the public buildings and museums and nearby metro stations were closed down so you could neither leave nor get out of the cold once you realized you had missed the whole thing. This isn't really a surprise. We are Dickersons. This is our fate.


mollie said...

wow. talk about let down.

I didn't know this happened. and now I don't even get the joy of telling people "my brother was there!!"


M.M.M. said...

those bracelets are really cool. your mom always has good ideas.

and as for the inauguration...I kept thinking how chlosterphobic it looked with all those people. but that is just me and my personal space issues. but ya, that is crappy for those without space issues.

M.M.M. said...

how can you call yourself a blogger. new post cousin...come on!