Monday, February 09, 2009

25 ExTrA special AWESOME things about MiChAeL

This post brought to you by the Freedom of Information Act.

1. Michael walks on his toes...all the time. This can be a sign of autism.
2. Michael won the school spelling bee and went to state. He got out on the word corduroy.
3. At some point Michael became everyone besides his family to whom he is still almost always "Michael" (occasionally "Mike").
4. Michael was class president.
5. Michael did not receive stellar grades throughout most of high school because he already knew how to do everything so what was the point of "proving it" by doing homework? That is the working theory anyways.
6. When told that he could use a programmable calculator on his calculus test, Michael programmed in the formulas so that all he had to do was fill in values and the calculator would solve. The calculus teacher now makes everyone program their calculator this way.
7. As an intern at Aetna, Michael created a program that did his job for him. Effectively putting himself, and interns around the country, out of a job.
8. Michael's favorite insult for at least a decade was "butthead." It also made an appearance this Christmas.
9. Michael made me an award commemorating the first time I used the toilet.
10. Michael could read at the age of 3. [Erin could read at the age of...umm...9? maybe?]
11. Michael's incentive for becoming potty trained was getting to see Sesame Street Live.
12. Michael watched Jurassic Park at least 2 dozen times the year it came out...and bought the sound track.
13. Michael has also been known to throw up at his own birthday party...and after eating peanut butter and chocolate combinations.
14. Unlike Megan who apparently eats oatmeal at dawn, Michael does nothing at dawn...except perhaps go to bed.
15. Michael played percussion in high school marching band.
16. Michael was in several plays during his high school years...including a musical. YES folks, a which he SANG.
17. Michael has a Magic card collection...unless he sold them at some point. They are probably still in Mom and Dad's attic.
18. Michael is horrible at bowling. Except that one year when we went on our annual Christmas bowling trip and he said he'd "been practicing."
19. Michael has survived for decades on Coke and fast food.
20. Michael was disappointed that he didn't win a certain award when he graduated from college...and then later saw his name on a plaque and discovered that he did win it...but no one told him.
21. Erin could write some more interesting random facts here, but Michael might come "kick my butt"-- a favorite threat.
22. Michael can play music by knocking on his head with his mouth open.
23. Michael has a freckle on the sole of his foot.
24. Michael is afraid of needles and dogs. [He'll try to deny the dog thing...but we all know it is true...fear breeds hatred Michael...and Mom says you got knocked down by the neighbor's big sheep dog as a little kid...fear stems from traumatic childhood incidents.]
25. Michael is the oldest of six kids. He is 3 1/2 years older than his coolest sister and 10 years older than his youngest siblings. Michael was a Christmas baby so he always gets joint birthday and Christmas gifts. Michael created a high school newspaper and pretty much made it himself every month. Michael turned the big 3-0 this past December. Michael is an INFP (like me)...we are both in careers which are supposedly extremely unappealing to our personality type. Shall I keep going..?

You never know when or where 25 Things will find you. Beware of...well just beware.


M.M.M. said...

That's funny. I am assuming Michael is avoiding the 25 things trend.

Anonymous said...

What is the 25 things thing anyway? I thought Kyle was the one who played songs on his head.

mikey said...

Wow, I am internet famous. How on earth did you remember stuff like #2 and #20.

ottspot said...

I just came across this post while looking for something else. I hope it will someday be republished as an accompaniment to an article about you. :-)