Monday, February 02, 2009

"25 Things" is more contagious than the cold I currently have

25 Things:
1. As a kid I took, at one point or another, lessons in ice skating, tennis, horse back riding, cartoon drawing (ok that was a 1-day workshop), swimming, ballet, jazz, tap dance, saxophone, piano, and voice. All of these lessons led to...absolutely nothing.
2. I'm the only kid in my family to have broken a bone (siblings can correct me if I'm wrong). I broke my collar bone while doing the bunny hop.
3. I was born with a mild case of this: pectus excavatum; had one of these removed from my jaw, but it grew back: osteoblastoma; and my first child was born via emergency c-section because of this: prolapsed cord. Too much information? Yes indeed. I think I should win some kind of medical lottery prize.
4. I'm an attorney...but I can't officially call myself that...because my license is on inactive status due to my stay-at-home status...but we won't get into that.
5. I'm trained as a divorce mediator.
6. I have made over 50 citizen's arrests.
7. I won the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen award in high school. Prize? DAR Good Citizen lapel pin.
8. I won the Cromwell Grange poster contest in middle school. Prize? $1
9. I won the Yale Book Prize in high school. Prize? A book (hence the name I suppose)
10. In 8th grade my class went to Washington D.C. One of the busses didn't show up in the morning because, after dropping us off at our hotel the night before, the driver picked up a hooker who then hijacked and stripped the bus.
11. I threw up on every major holiday until I was about which point I apparently stopped getting nauseatingly excited for holidays.
12. I am a graduate of the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy.
13. I can play the spoons.
14. I still have never looked at any of my law school grades. They let me graduate so I must not have failed.
15. I have angel food cake with strawberries every year for my birthday.
16. I had never lived anywhere besides 2 Shanley Ct, Cromwell CT until I left for college.
17. I was once the employee manager of a Subway.
18. I grew up 35 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and I DO NOT do seafood. At all.
19. My eyesight is so bad that without contacts I will not recognize you until you are within 3 feet of me.
20. I love cherry cake donuts...but I've never seen them anywhere besides Dunkin Donuts. In Utah I make do with Dunford chocolate donuts.
21. My husband and I have opposite tastes in ...well...everything. Including spouses. That's why I got him and he got me.
22. I eat some kind of treat almost every night after my boys are asleep. Because if I eat it while they're awake I would have to share. Now I know why my siblings and I used to find empty donut boxes and ice cream cartons in the garbage when we woke up in the morning.
23. I'm an INFP.
24. I can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight.
25. My dream home would have a multi-story library with a rolling ladder. Sigh.


Aubri said...

50 Citizen Arrests? Wow...bring on the stories lady! Are you guys feeling better at your house yet?

Don said...

I am an "artisian" apparantly. Thanks for the time waster! As an artisian...I don't think I am supposed to waste time.
Um you sure do brag a lot about all the contests you win. sheesh rub your superiority in our faces why don't you!

Don said...

is actually "Melissa" in case you didn't figure that out.

mikey said...

I thought you broke your collarbone when you fell down and bashed it into the couch. Maybe that was during the bunny hop, I don't remember.

ottspot said...

Yes, Evan and I were doing the bunny hop with our arms linked behind our backs for some reason and I fell and hit the couch leg.

Danielle said...

I don't believe it, I've never known Evan to do anything that active.
I totally forgot about one of our DC buses until you brought it up... and I never knew that the bus actually got stripped. Haha.... good times. At least we got to visit the Holocaust museum, though it was a pretty rushed visit.

Jess said...

That was fun! I've been avoiding doing the 25 things because I feel like I already talk about myself too much - but it's fun to learn about other people's random things! Very good info. :)

Janie and Lyle said...

I'm totally with you on #25 -- and I'd want one in my kitchen too -- being 5' and having cabinets up to the ceiling makes dinner prep kinda hard.
ps -- we had a blast with you!